Friday, January 17, 2014

"Good" boys

Seems like every time there's some horrendous crime, there's also some friend or family member of the perp who's happy to tell journalists what a "good" person the murderer/rapist/whatever is.

In the latest example, we have Mr Edward Livingstone, who was apparently one of those guys who decides that if he can't be boss of his family everyone has to snuff it.  After multiple breaches of protection orders that went ignored by the justice system (surprise, surprise), he did what these guys do.  The only bright spot is that he didn't manage to kill his wife (although you have to figure there's a question mark over exactly how 'bright' things are for you when you survive the shotgun murder of your children).

And right on cue, here's a friend to tell us what a great bloke he was:

"He was a good man," friend Chrissy O'Connor said by email.
"He loved his family dearly, and this tragedy has evolved from a situation where the loss of his beloved family has been more than he could emotionally bear."

Could we stop being polite to these people?  Just for the record, Chrissy:

1.  The fact that he murdered two small children with a shotgun is pretty solid evidence that he really wasn't a good man.

2.  What he felt for his family wasn't "love," it was "pride of ownership."  Maybe you can't tell the difference, but the rest of us can.

3.  You really, really want to seriously reconsider the definitions you're using for the words "good" and "love," because the ones you're using right now are badly broken.


Anonymous said...

Quite correct Milt........I've got 10 cents that says within a short time it will be all the fault of the cops/cyfs/court/family that he decided to murder his kids.


The Veteran said...

Good post Milt. Perhaps Chrissy O'Connor stands revealed as the 'Anon' who had a go at us on my Jordina Katu post earlier.

I mean if it walks like a duck, has feathers and quacks, then it probably is a duck.

ZenTiger said...

A sad and sickening tale, and yes, in the end, his desire for revenge trumped any love he once had for his children.

I would be interested to know if he was on medication of any sort. I can't fathom such actions and wonder if there were contributing causes that might be worth investigating.