Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Divide and rule

Watching and listening to the "experts" over the last day it has occurred to me that most if not all of them are completely clueless when it comes to understanding the thinking in the current crop of leaders in the National party.
The reaction to John Key offering a luke warm response when asked if Winston First could be a potential partner in government has led to shock horror at this sudden about turn.
What these fuckweasels in the media have failed to grasp is the scale of the strategic brilliance being deftly deployed.
You have to achieve 5% to get tickets to the show.
Colin Craig and Winston Peters are going to cancel each other and both fail to get over the threshold.
Thus our wildly popular PM gets to avoid dealing with a religious nutbag and the biggest crook to ever sit in the house.

Well done sir.

On another note, I read the Horrid story this morning that was the latest offering from Len Browns multi- million dollar rate payer funded dept of "save our jobs".
Anybody following Bernard Orsman on various social media sites and through his utterings in the Horrid will surely agree that he is now the closest thing we have to Comical Ali in this country. Browns media apologist in chief this morning allowed what can only be a massive press release to go out under his byline. Takes "phoning it in" to a whole new level. To think that Brown is considering running for a third term beggars belief. He will be lucky to survive the public contempt til Easter.
The only thing keeping him in the role is the fact that all of his confidantes and advisers are so hopelessly linked to him for their daily bread. There will not be anybody in the dept of spin weasels suggesting he takes a revolver and a glass of scotch to the drawing room. They will all end up out of work.


gravedodger said...

My take on the wet dream response to Key's reference to the pinstriped dwarf is in cognisance of the lack of reference to Peters by name leaving the gate wide open to courting Stewart, O'Reagan and/or Williams with either of the last two easily hooked with "The Honorable" and a crown car, in a sidestep of the pensioner.

As for Brown easter fits my thinking.
There must be pressure building on Slaters other women inspite of the way Chuang ended up under the bus.

Barnsley Bill said...

If indeed there are other women, if there are I doubt they would be retarded enough to put themselves in the hands of the Kevorkian blogger.
I think there is a big overlap between Craig and Peters potential voters. Keeping them both below 5% would help National. The spilled votes means that National could end up close to a majority in Parliament whilst only polling in the early 40's

Ghost Of Greenwood said...
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The Realist said...

"...a revolver and a glass of scotch into the drawing room." I love it!