Thursday, January 16, 2014

Democracy Flourishes In Fiji

Adolf notices a press release from the mob which steals its members' PAYE deductions.

They're whinging about a few Union leaders in Fiji being thrown in the slammer - hell it was only for a few hours.   From what Adolf knows of the Bainimarama regime, they do not put people in jail for fun.

Looking at the commentary from the usual suspect sources - ABC, ACTU etc it is interesting to note they do nothing but bluster.  There is no hard factual commentary on just what it was these Union thugs were up to.  Also interesting to note they were not arrested until ten days after the event at which they appear to have transgressed.   Sufficient time for the authorities to carefully weigh the available evidence.

Cop the language used by the socialists at ABC News.

The coup installed military government in Fiji has been labelled heavy handed for arresting several trade union leaders.

(You don't hear the ABC use such derogatory terms in referring to North Korea or Thailand or Burma.)  But did you notice the worst criticism was that of being heavy handed.  You'd expect them to at least come up with some good reason why these characters should not have been arrested?  Perhaps there is no good reason.


Edward the Confessor said...

In what way is calling the murderous totalitarian dictatorship in Fiji, that you so love, a coup installed military government inaccurate?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Did I say it was innacurate?

Edward the Confessor said...

What's your problem with the term then? It's a mild and in no way derogatory description for the bunch of murderers, of whom you are so enamoured.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

If you are too dim witted to see, then I can't help you.

Edward the Confessor said...

To see what? That you're an unthinking cheerleader of a totalitarian murdering dictator and have somehow taken offence at the regime being described accurately and reasonably?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Happy holidays Eddie The Con

Paranormal said...

ETC you see a totalitarian dictator, which is your jaundiced prerogative.

The rest of us see an intelligent egalitarian reforming new broom that will give Fiji new pride - for all races. When Fijian Indians support Bainimarama it can't be as bad as the 'enlightened' western media make it out to be. For a change, have a look behind the headlines and see whats actually going on.

You however support the old corrupt racist regime that was ripping Fiji apart.