Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I see that David Cunliffe has delivered a devastating attack on himself by disowning two of Labour's flagship policies at the time of the last election.

No more tax exempt the first $5,000 of income and no more scrapping of the GST on fresh fruit and vegetables.

And just who was Labour's Finance Spokesman in 2011 and a key player in developing those two policies?

If that isn't a vote of no confidence in himself what is?


Ghost Of Greenwood said...

It matters not one whit.

A smarm and charm "leader" who has no cogent political philosophy and is all style over substance is no match to a Marxist Labour leader with an open cheque book.

Watcher said...

Aw..didn't National at one time promise no GST on fruit and vegetables along with priority hospital treatment for War Veterans when they were in opposition and neither were implemented when they became the Government.

This could be refreshing. Promising not to do something.

The Veteran said...

Watcher ... re first para. Pse authenticate.

Noel said...

Watcher I think you are mistaken.
There has been robust debate over the merits of removing GST on food for a couple of decades at the least but National has never promoted it.

Strangely when the Aussies adopted GST they did do it.

On the Veterans priority from experience I can say it hasn't been introduced. Just another of the usual pollies pre election promises.