Monday, January 27, 2014


Whoever in 'Tui' dreamed up the $100,000 cricket catch competition deserves a promotion.    The $200,000 cost (to date) will have been well and truly offset by the resultant publicity (and, dollars to donuts, they would have purchased insurance cover to further mitigate their potential liability).

Then of course there was the $30 Tui T-shirt you had to buy to enter the event.   With a marginal cost of probably less than $5 that would have produced a healthy profit to further limit Tui's financial exposure. 

So there it is.    7 hours of prime-time viewing each match x 12 and the Tui T-shirts 'in your face' for a fair proportion of that.    Brilliant marketing by any measure.    Congratulations to whoever who came up with the idea and to Tui for having the 'cojones' to run with it.  

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