Sunday, January 12, 2014

Be careful what you wish for

In the post immediately below, The Veteran opines that the Colin the Con and his party could easily make 4.6% of the vote this year and join the Nats in government. 

I don't think that will happen, but in case it does, allow me to walk you through the door of Terry Wallbank, one of Colin the Cons biggest cheerleaders.

In this post, he discusses the response to DJ Neill Andrews from Wellington who said this on Facebook about Indians visiting his nightclub:
"Just because we don't let groups of creepy Indian rapists into the club doesn't make us racist, they also don't buy alcohol.

Probably so they can be sober enough to tie up the sack and lift the body into the back of their hybrid taxi, while wearing oversized leather jackets and sports shoes."
Lord Farrar also wrote on this quote of Andrews, where he (Andrews) is also supposed to have said:
“How do Noel Lemmings (sic) advertise for staff? “Wanted, greasy, creepy Indian men with zero knowledge of electronics for exciting retail career” I think the ones that don’t make it automatically get employed at Burger King.”  
Th first quote is vile.  The second is less harmful.

Wallbank comments on the first quote:
All I can say is this: thank you, Neill Andrews; language like that warms the cockles of my heart. It is heartening to see that at least some young people can still speak freely; it is even more heartening to see an element of truth in those words. I am not sure if Indians are in fact creepy rapists or not, but I would suggest that people who work in the nightclub industry, as he does, would be more sure;...
Wallbank says there is an element of truth, and then contradicts himself by saying he isn't sure if it is true. 

The punchline though is this (from Andrews):
But he [Neill Andrews] maintained many nightclubs in Wellington had problems with a minority of Indian men harassing women.
Just a minority.  So why are they stereotyping Indians?

You might think Wallbank has dealings with Indians after being such a confused expert on them.  Apparently not.  In the comments section he says:
I don't have any personal contact with Indian people, but I had one experience; one day a courier driver (either Indian or Pakistani) delivered something to my wife, and while she was signing for it, he was busy checking out her ass and I mean really checking it out. He didn't know I was at the back of the room watching what he was doing and then he spotted me, so I duly told the guy f**k off in a not so polite way.
Indian or Pakistani?  Aaahhh, who cares!

Then there's Barry:
I think that the only way for NZ to become a decent place again is for it to declare that it is a white Western country where there is one law for all. If anyone doesn't like that they can shove off - that would include part-maoris and Pacific islanders and all other non-cultures.
Of course, I know what it's like being in a party where its members, and even those seeking office in said party, embarrass you, and continue to be embarrassing.

But Wallbank thinks speaking freely is heart-warming, which it is.  So I hope I have just warmed your hearts and hopefully your brains.


Shane Ponting said...

I've spoken to a number of young women who frequent night clubs over the past few years and they all tell me without my raising the topic first - of the "indian" problem.

Yes they are a minority amongst their ethnic group, but in the club they are vastly over-represented in some unpleasant behaviour and this is how the stereotype has come about.

Judge Holden said...

"I've spoken to a number of young women who frequent night clubs over the past few years "

The mind boggles, Shane. Had any luck? I'm guessing no.

It's funny watching the all the RWNJ's tear each other to shreds. Keep up the good work, Nick.

Shane Ponting said...

Errr judge did you just assume I spoke to them AT the nightclub? If so, FAIL (again).

Psycho Milt said...

There does seem to be a subset of conservative thought that strongly objects to people characterising their hating of darkies as racism.

Still, all good fun. I'm more and more looking forward to the Conservatives becoming a party that National has to hold its nose and get friendly with if it wants to form a government - assuming that the Conservatives would be willing to participate in a government run by "John the Jew," of course.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt, if you open your eyes you might find that the brown or black racists of this world are far more dangerous that the whites. Just take a look at Obama and his mob. Remember the young black bastard who tried to hill a Latino? Obama used that episode mendaciously to fuel racial hatred ss no-one before him ever had done.

The Gantt Guy said...

Nick, this type of sneer and smear is beneath you. If you disagree with Terry's post or the points he makes, go to his place and make a comment. I know you know how; you've done it before, and as far as I know the only person Terry's banned from commenting is NoMinister's pet troll, Judge Holden.

I think in your rush to smear the Conservative Party, using the vehicle of Terry's blog (an ACT of desperation on your part, since Terry is not an office-holder in the Conservative Party), you've managed to miss what I believe to have been Terry's key messages in the post (although I accept they could have been clearer). Here's the list of what I believe to be the main points Terry was trying to make:
(1) there is a great push in our society today to ban some forms of speech; specifically that speech which is deemed "offensive". As you well know, the true test of whether freedom of speech exists in a society is whether someone is allowed to say something offensive or stupid, without the heavy hand of the state appearing at their throat.
(2)In her current role, is it right for Susan Devoy to be urging a boycott of a private business simply because of something said by a contractor employed by that business (not that she necessarily disagrees with it - I don't think the facts and stats of whether Indian men are disproportionally "creepy" or rapists have been discussed - , but because it was "offensive". In her current role, Devoy *is* the state, which means she is the heavy hand referred to in my point (1) above.
(3) - and I accept this is only tangential to the discussion at hand - we need to have a conversation as New Zealanders from all backgrounds and walks of life about what elements of non-Western culture we will accept in the New Zealand environment. The rape of women in many non-Western societies is not taken as seriously as it is here in New Zealand, and most immigrants accept (of course) that other members of society must be treated with respect. But the conversation needs to take place. Are we to forgive (to use the instant example) Indian men being "sleazy" and (if the DJ's comments are to be believed) rapists? Do we accept (to take the example further) aspects of the sharia law or sharia finance in our society? What is it that we will accept or not accept? And when will that discussion take place? And - importantly - what work is being done with immigrants to ensure they understand and accept our cultural and legal norms?

These are all (IMHO) valid considerations completely lost, first in the way Terry's original post was worded and to a much larger extent in the way you have sought to smear him and by extension the Party he supports.

As I said, you're better than this. Try harder next time.

Judge Holden said...

Fuck you're a bombastic old windbag, Gantt. Plus you're a lying, disingenuous hypocrite who admires mass murderers. Wallbank is an odd cross between a psycho, a coward and a retard. He's good for the left, and he should never stop exercising his right to say offensive, stupid things.

On a personal note, I see you're still unemployed, bitter and angry. What a shame.

The Veteran said...

Milt ... I take exception to your 'John the Jew' comment. That smacks of anti-Semitism and while Holden et al may reveal in that type of language I thought you functioned at a different level.

Tell me you mispoke pse.

Judge Holden said...

"John the Jew" was coined by an office holder from Act, but thanks for the smear, Vet you dickhead.

Anonymous said...

So, someone whose pen name is that of the odious and repugnant character in Cormac McCarthy's novel; whose posts are characterised by ad hominem blurts feels he has been smeared?


Judge Holden said...

Goes to show how vile the right actually is, eh George? And stop pretending you read, you're obviously not that way inclined. Why is your pen name that of a serial killer and bigamist?

Anonymous said...

Judge, u shud read this! The old idiot terry wall banks and his cocksucker gantt!

Psycho Milt said...

Veteran: it's a quote - see the two links about the risk of being embarrassed by people who seek office in your party, towards the end of Nick's post.

Judge Holden said...

Oh that's classic. I particularly like this:

"it is very easy to cherry pick bits and make me appear to be something other than what I am, but there you go."

It's hard to cherry pick anything Wallbank says to make him look like something other than what he is: a racist, sexist, homophobic fucktard with a psychological disorder. Gantt's just his wee gimp.

The Veteran said...

Holden ... it's easy to cherry pick bits about you ....

racist, sexist, homophobic fucktard comes readily to mind.


Anonymous said...

Psycho Milt says John the Jew as if it is a racist statement.

Some Jews are named John but it is a long bow to connect that with racism. The word Jew is not derogatory. Nor is the statement John the Jew although it did gain notoriety once for a particularly nasty politically motivated smear campaign.

Jew is a term used the world over and by Jews, who I am sure do not refer to each other as racist.

Milt need to mix in more positive circles.

Anonymous said...

My 16 year old daughter works part time checkout at a supermarket. Sorry to say, she'd agree with the nightclub owner... Nothings influenced her thoughts other than their own revolting attitudes to women and intimidating manner.