Sunday, January 12, 2014


Patriot, statesman, demagogue, terrorist, bully, criminal or just a good bastard doing his best.
The rubbish that passes for journalism in our inane and increasingly irrelevant MSM tells us a very negative story but there may just be another side to it all

Cameron Slater who is about to appeal a lower court decision ruling him not to be accorded the protection of sources enjoyed by historical "media" has posted on the current constitutional status in Fiji, his birth place.

Head over to Whaleoil and read a different slant on what you thought you knew about the progress to a true democracy under one person, one vote, one value that should as well as demolishing the power of the Council of Chiefs,  bring a much fairer plurality to all those who make up the Fiji nation c2014.

His post that includes a body of information I have not encountered anywhere in our excuse for media is yet another bit of evidence that Slater is a real journalist in that he states what he has encountered on a recent visit,  as opposed to relying on propaganda dished out from those with a very different agenda.

Well done that man.

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