Monday, December 16, 2013

You have been elected, sworn an oath and now you have a duty.

Len Brown is not fit to lead your council or your city.

Sleep with a dog you will get fleas, oh and you will stink as he does.

He is bent, dishonest, immoral and incompetent. Sheesh he cannot even manage an affair successfully.

Just cut his funding for all but his paycheque, yes all, the whole shebang

He cannot function without his cast of supporting yes men, spinners, obsfuscators and the tame MSM

You, as councillors may carve yourselves a long term employment role in our biggest City.

A motion of censure is what "HE" wants, see if you can work out what a growing number of the citizens  really want, currently around 70%.

Just do that duty,    or,------- do you have secrets he knows and we dont?


Edward the Confessor said...

Shrieking, irrational yet impotent rage from GD. Get mad, buddy, go cwaaaazy!

Anonymous said...

What is needed is very, very simple.

A request to the Minister of Local Government that they appoint a commission to take over the functions of the council until the next election.

258FMinister may appoint Commission
(1)The Minister may appoint a Commission to a local authority if—
(a)the Minister believes, on reasonable grounds, that—
(i)a significant problem relating to the local authority—
(A)is impairing, or likely to impair, the good local government of the local authority's district or region; or
(B)is endangering, or likely to endanger, the public health or safety of the people within the local authority's district or region; and
(ii)the local authority is unable or unwilling to effectively address the problem; and
(iii)the problem is such that appointing a Crown Review Team, a Crown Observer, or a Crown Manager to the local authority is unlikely to prevent the consequences described in subparagraph (i); or
(b)the local authority refuses or is unable to comply with a direction of a Crown Manager given under section 258D(4); or
(c)the Minister believes, on reasonable grounds, that a significant problem relating to the local authority exists and a Ministerial body currently or previously appointed to the local authority has recommended the appointment; or
(d)the Minister has received a written request from the local authority to do so.

If Key wanted to play nice, he could just appoint all the existing councillors as commissioners. But I say fuck that.

Appoint Brash. Appoint Rodney. Appoint Ruth.

Appoint Whale.

Edward the Confessor said...

Yeah, Key should so do that! Wouldn't that be great! What a cool suggestion. He's not the Minister of Local Government or anything and it's almost certainly illegal anyway, but what the hell, you're a strategic political genius, sinner. No really, keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. and like Red Len you're a cunt.

Sure Key isn't the responsible Minister. But Tremain will do what Key tells him.

More to the point, which part of:
The Minister may appoint a Commission to a local authority if—
(d)the Minister has received a written request from the local authority to do so.

has your state school education failed to prepare you to understand? It's not illegal. It's not a bill of attainder. It's not special legislation. It's there in black and white.

If anyone is being political it is Key - he's relying on Red Len's womanising to push Pacific Christian voters away from Labour & to Colin Craig. And I've got to hand it to him - that is "strategic political genius"

Edward the Confessor said...

Poor sinner. Reduced to blubbing nonsense while the far-right flounders around on the beach in a suit squawking about chemtrails, catfights and the man on the moon. Are you Craig's political adviser?

Suck it up loser.

Psycho Milt said...

Appoint Rodney.

That's pretty funny when you consider that a National government appointing Rodney Hide to do whatever he wanted with Auckland was exactly how it got into this mess...

The Veteran said...

EtC, so in your eyes Brown is a Saint.

Funny morals some of you on the Left have.

Guess it goes with the territory.

Curious George said...

Appoint Rodney?
No, welease Woger.
By the way, Gravedodger, impressive use of the thesaurus. Keep up the good work and keep taking the blood pressure pills.

gravedodger said...

So Rodney Hide not only forced Brown P.D. to "have relations" with the Geisha Girl ,while his beloved wife was dealing with Cancer 20 minutes down the road, Rodney then made PDB and his illustrious team of apologists along with the oh so compliant MSM, create and cover up the rest of of the trail of revealing sad lack of morals and corrupt acts that followed.
Jesus wept it was nine months before Slater exposed the so very secret trip to HK and the nice cuddly assistance rendered by Sky City to what is now shown to be a very helpful and I suppose grateful dirty old man.

Give me a break if that duplitious bastard had been within a millimeter of the Nats or C&R all the screaming socialists would have brought the city to a standstill until He/She had departed the scene permanently.

More f**king socialist HYPOCRISY piled on the stinking rotting heap at the ACC Town Hall.

Where is the Crusading Ms Bright or has she been blessed with her very own personal two minute noodle

Curious George said...

Good morning, Gravedodger.
You sound rather angry this morning. I am concerned for your health. I suspect you have high blood pressure. I hope you are taking your medication. Anger is very bad for the health and you don't want Len Brown to outlast you. I'm sorry if I annoyed you with my weleaase Woger reference. (Monty Python). Signed Well Wisher

Psycho Milt said...

So Rodney Hide not only forced Brown P.D. to "have relations" with the Geisha Girl...etc

Leaving aside your frothing about irrelevant gossip, what Rodney Hide is responsible for is, first, presidential-style local government of Auckland, and second, setting things up so the "president" of Auckland is secure until the next election unless he commits a serious crime, which this one hasn't. If you don't like the fact that Auckland has been configured so that the mayor can pretty much do what he likes, thank Mr Hide.

gravedodger said...

Dont fret Curious George, BP regularly measured and very adjacent to 140/80 every time.

Still have being shot in bed by a jealous hubby as a desirable exit.

I am not angry, or frothing , ranting or any other inane suggestions, just totally dumbfounded at the ease Browns behaviour is accepted by those that would drag Banks to Tower Hill on a hurdle and watch him being hung drawn and quartered.
All for no other reason than they see him as the easiest prop to remove from the devil incarnate John Key, who is keeping their bunch of incompetents from the Crown Beemers.

Such unbridled support for a now proven despicable Mayor who, if he was to be useful as a saftypin would have to be heated in a furnace before he could be formed into something straight enough, is merely humorous as I dont get rated to pay the gazillions he costs to do his "good works".

Blaming Hide is a total copout, plenty of duplitious, manipulative, immoral people with a penchant for converting OPMs for their personalised narcissistic tendencies have thrived in very much smaller and better governed situations, public and private.

Ted Burke summed it up succinctly with his immortal words; "In order for evil to flourish all that is required is for good men to do nothing".
Sadly for The City of Sails I doubt that many of those in place around PDB would qualify as "good men".

Anonymous said...

Rodney Hide didn't design Auckland's mayoralty. Helen Clark did (I guess she wants a job when she's back from the UN).

Rodney just took it over and pushed it through.

And - once again - the council can petition the minister under the local Government Act to appoint a commissioner or call an election. If the council passed such a resolution, the Minister would have no choice but to act.

Psycho Milt said...

...totally dumbfounded at the ease Browns behaviour is accepted by those that would drag Banks to Tower Hill on a hurdle and watch him being hung drawn and quartered.

A court's decided there's sufficient evidence for a case against Banks to proceed. So far there's no suggestion the same applies to Len Brown - if you have a problem with that, blame... I don't know - justice? The legal system? God? Take your pick.

All for no other reason than they see him as the easiest prop to remove from the devil incarnate John Key.

I've read this several times and it still doesn't make any sense.

Such unbridled support for a now proven despicable Mayor...

I don't think the council censuring him really qualifies as "unbridled support," and you seem to have a very low threshold for "despicable." It's certainly well dodgy for him to have been taking free hotel rooms from Sky City while it was lobbying his council, but such arrangements with Sky City seem to be popular among the nation's politicians, Key and Joyce foremost among them. It would be nice if we could sack the lot of them, but it's really not an option.

Curious George said...

140 over 80's good, but I must say I'm very surprised you "Still have being shot in bed by a jealous hubby as a desirable exit", given your vociferous criticism of Len Brown. May I suggest that a broad spectrum of people want Len Brown to go, including Chris Trotter, no less, who explains the problem clearly and calmly here: Personally, like Trotter I have always thought Brown was more than somewhat daffy. Now I think he's a disaster, but apparently Auckland is stuck with him unless there's a law change. So have a nice day, Gravedodger. Sit in the garden and listen to the bumble bees and let Auckland take care of its sorry self. In a hundred years time none of this will matter.

Paulus said...

Surely Brown and his acolytes cannot believe that this will just go away.
Stupid is stupid as.
Labour will rue this fact during the next election.
Labour Auckland possibles will be tainted by association - watch this space

Edward the Confessor said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
gravedodger said...

Mr Confuser I am not prepared to allow your rude, crass, inane comments to be cast as personal insults to other guests.
As for that which you adress to me I just don't care.

So should you wish to indulge your passion for proving your intellectual depravity here, desist as of now.

The alternative is you get the arse as Judge (lol) Holden deservedly received.

Since I have a very full other life you might get some exposure but eventually when time and effort allow you will surely be

Have a nice day.

Edward the Confessor said...

Awwww, poor wee GD. Did I hurt your widdle feewings?

Rude, crass, inane comments appear to be your and your fellow-nutters' speciality though.

You have a nice day too, precious.

gravedodger said...

you must feel so much better now you have said that Confuser you big brave person.

Anonymous said...

The only reason that Toxic Ted and the Judge screech and fling dung around like howler monkeys is that that they got through their childhood without an adult giving them a backhander.


Edward the Confessor said...

You have some deep-seated issued there, George. What is it with the right's fascination with assaulting children. It's a bit creepy don't you think?