Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Will that work, really.

Aumtie Turia on her "plain Packaging" for ciggies with Hosking earlier, what a crock.

Didn't the gruesome images work out?

Intellectual property will be an expensive legal battle.

Massive duty increases have had a similar outcome in maintaining the prohibition effect so failed in Marijuana, with private tobacco growing, black market and criminal activity around tobacco trading all flourishing.

If a politician is hell bent on smoking prohibition why not try making it illegal that will give the Gangs a boost and spell electoral disaster for someone trying to get elected in Auntie's demographic.

Here is a radical idea, remove the "duty free" status for Raleigh's Weed as a starter for ten.

If education, damage awareness and the clear consequences are not working to reduce smoking, maybe it is a loser idea.


Noel said...

It was way back in 1989 that the NZ Department of Health Toxic Substances Board suggested cigarettes should be in white packets with simple black text and no colour or logos.
In the 1990's a number of studies were conducted which suggested those packages turned off new smokers who are the target smoking population.
Other later studies also suggested it could reduce the number of new smokers.

I guess like cigarettes we will just have to try it and see.

Watcher said...

Given that small cell sarcoma of the lung originates early in smoking history, to later be triggered into smoking related conditions any attempt at encouraging young people not to start is worthwhile.