Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What Now Einstein?

Russian flagged ship stranded in the shrinking Ice of the Antarctic while retracing Sir Douglas Mawsons adventures of a century ago, still awaits rescue.

The Snow Dragon , an Ice Breaker from China abandoned an attempt at relief a few days ago and now the larger backup Australian vessel has also abandoned its attempt.

Rumours are, the people on board the MV Akedemik Shokalskiy will be evacuated by Chinese Choppers, no word though on the fate proposed for the trapped ship.

Anyone have an accurate picture on the potential disaster to the pristine Antarctic environment should the vessel breakup, surely Wussel and Tuatara have a solution available, a "holiday special" from Campbell Deceased will be in the (Media) works, of course.

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Baxter said...

try daily mail...a link in one of comments on kiwiblog.