Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What The Hell Is Causing That?

The greatest influence on our climate and hence our ability to survive on this piece of terrestial rock, our sun is reversing its polarity.

Wont someone think of the residents of the Maldives and prevent this "man made" crime that threatens all low lying areas adjacent to the sea.

One of the accompanying phenomena will be catastrophic changes to our climate and weather.

We need an inquiry and massive funding for academics to bring us all to heel,  it must be "our fault".
Oh, and a few new taxes will certainly be required to fund the hysteria.

Stand by Thick Smith, get your sorry arse back to work, opportunities abound!!!
Solar Correction Impost, SCI for short, has a ring to it.
Aura Tax anyone?


Marc said...

Thanks GD, it's starting to get embarrassing that no-one from National appears to be ready to acknowledge the facts and that AGW is just a failed hypothesis and political opportunist scam. Surely their chief science advisor should at least be having one of the "please explain" interviews. I will be impressed if at least there should be some suggestion of policy reviews, and a list of possible tax and regulation changes that could be considered. Carbon taxes should be signaled to be consigned to the rubbish bin for example.

gravedodger said...

Small point Marc, I am not and never have been "from National", The Rangiora electorate attempted to turn a donation to hear a Mate Derek Quigley introduce a certain Jim Bolger at a woolshed meeting in Waipara c1975, into a membership, being as close as it ever got.

Thanks for the comment, I concur entirely.

Marc said...

Sorry, never thought that's what I was implying. My points were related to National only from the point of view that they are the current Government, and they are in the best position to make meaningful reforms. I woulndn't expect anyone from one of the other significant parties to be making changes, as that would undermine their whole raison d'etre and coalition opportunities.

ZenTiger said...

With the sun reversing polarity, the sunlight is arriving on the planet upside down. It's important to apply the sunscreen other side up.

Curious George said...

I realize you are trying to be flippant, Gravedodger, but if you can overcome your fear of science, logic and reason for a little while, you can find out what the hell is causing the sun's polarity to reverse by going here: http://www.nasa.gov/content/goddard/the-suns-magnetic-field-is-about-to-flip/.
If you're feeling really intelligent and open minded, you can go here to listen to real-live astronauts talking about their experiences in space: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKK4dAu_sFo
Also, Happy New Year. Tonight is your last chance this year to do something about the cartoon you are using without permission or payment. I'm picking you'll want to rave with self-righteous indignation about Dotcom when his case comes up next year. You'd better get your own breach of copyright sorted before then, otherwise you'll look a complete fool.
Just trying to help.