Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What are you talking about?

Recently it was reported an uncle of vunderboy Kim Jong Un, an in law, not blood, was dragged into a court and condemned to death for a very impressive list of charges and swiftly shot by machine gun.
How much will the bullets cost?
Auntie has so far been spared
A judicial process  favoured by Stalin in his purges, aint that nice.

Today Stuff reports a Christchurch man, Frank Feinstein, who monitors North Korean news for a Washington Website NK News, has discovered that around 100 000 references to the sad old uncle have been removed from the archives. That for a man who has occupied a place very close to the boy President and his late father Kim Jong  Ill.
Possibly didn't get the joke and failed to laugh.

Just leave via the basement and please don't leave a mess.


Ray said...

Actually didn't stand up quickly enough and clapping lacked vigour

Anonymous said...

Ah!! North Korea (communist country)?

Situation Vacant (for 1). Duties include acting as genial, old uncle and occasional food-taster.

Eddie, pack your bags.

Mrs Danvers