Saturday, December 28, 2013


Let's deal with the Bad & the Ugly first.   A big thank you to the five big brave 'young adults' who took to the two German tourists in Whakatane with baseball bats.   You did yourselves and your families proud.   Nothing like bashing people half to death to prove how tough you are.  

Now you will face the force of the law and I can only hope that the Courts will deal to you as you did to the people you attacked.    Mind you, I fully expect you will be well supported in Court by family and friends and assorted do-gooders along with lawyers funded by the State who will be at pains to point out your 'deprived' childhood and that really it's all 'our' fault.     Two of you will be dealt with in the Youth Court where it is likely that, following a Family Group 'kumbiyah' conference, you will be let loose on society laughing all the way to your next crime.    Perhaps it time to wind back the clock a bit in much the same way as the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 does to its predecessor.    Maybe, just maybe, Sheriff  'Joe' has it right.

Now the good bit.   I am lucky enough to live in Paihia and Paihia is lucky enough to have the Focus Paihia Community Trust.     The Trust comprises an amazing group of people who, rather than wait for things to happen are making it happen with, or without, local government support.    Their latest project has been to transform the waterfront and turn what was an unlovely carpark into a vibrant people focused community area where you can sit on the grass, eat your lunch, play boules, play the piano (provided), check out the area by way of a huge (6x4m) diorama map or amble just 5m to the huge outdoor 'over the water' bar complete with lounge chairs, tables and sun umbrellas and watch the world go by over a 'cold one'..

Special wraps to Grant Harnish (Chair) and Geoff Williams (Secretary) of the Trust.    For more about the Trust go to their website here.

And then, for dinner, pop across to the Duke of Marlborough at Russell and you won't be disappointed.   The 'Duke' is NZLs first licensed hotel and has been 'Refreshing Rascals & Reprobates Since 1827'.    The new owners, Jayne, Riki, Bridget and Anton, have transformed the place into what is now a truly dining experience.    You can access the Duke's website here.  

As I said, we're lucky to live in Paihia.


Tinman said...

I worked at the Duke of Marlborough some years ago.

A rather pleasant part of the country indeed.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Vet = I had my 50th birthday bash there and a jolly good show it was.

The day started with five hours snapper fishing followed by dinner. The birthday cake was piped in and my three precious bottles of Grange were opened.

Next morning saw a round of golf at Waitangi, then off home.

It was quite some time ago.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post old fart. You've said it all without having to mention the proverbial elephant in the room . . . young, feral mouldy.