Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Petrol Prices

The other day someone had a moan to Adolf about the price of petrol in NZ.

So, I had a scatch around and sure enough, it appears he had something to moan about.

Adelaide price for unleaded is A$1.47  (less a discount of 12c if you shop at Woolworths etc)

Auckland price is NZ$2.19.

Currently the exchange rate is NZ$1.10 to A$1.00.  Accordingly, an equilibrium price would be NZ$1.62.  Somewhere there is a spare 57c per litre.

So, who is trousering the difference?

Lyen Brown?


Noel said...

Be sensible Adolf.
You cannot expect a useful comparison if you only use exchange rate and pump price.

You also have to compare.
Exercise duty
ACC levy
PEFML costs.

Simo said...

Just go:
$US <-> $NZ 82.8 - West Crude price today $US97.65.

Highest $NZ for 91 unleaded was $NZ2.23 <-> $US highest barrel price $US112.00 $NZ<->$US 0.76.

$NZ 91 unleaded price should be around the $NZ1.75 -79 area,

As usual a rort, this economy would rock if we lost $NZ0.30 per litre!!

Gulf has the best prices with your Countdown 4c, when others are selling at $NZ2.09 Gull will be $NZ2.04 less 0.04c

North Shore is consistently the most expensive at $NZ2.16, so some big savings if you use the Gull Stations on Rosebank Road Auckland

Watcher said...

Noel you forgot GST.
But don't worry Adolf it wont belong before Abbott kicks it up to Kiwi levels.

alwyn said...

If I was you Simo, I would make the most of your Gull prices as I don't think they are going to last. Gull have just had their final appeal dismissed in the Supreme Court for not paying the correct duty on the fuel they sell.
They were blending in Butane, for which the duty is 10 cents, with motor spirit for which the duty is 48 cents. They should have been paying 48 cents on the final mixture.
They have now been thumped with a $23 million bill for duty and penalties. That fiddle was how they were undercutting the other suppliers.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Noel, in case you hadn't noticed, that was the question I was asking.

The gap between the two was a surprise.

Perhaps you think there is no excise tax in Australia? I'm pleased I don't have to pay an exercise tax though. I'm fitter than half the Australian males half my age and that pleasant fact is largely due to vigorous daily exercise.

Noel said...

"The gap between the two was a surprise"

If you had done you homework it would not have been.


Anonymous said...

"I'm fitter than half the Australian males half my age and that pleasant fact is largely due to vigorous daily exercise".

Give back those two superannuation's you collect from both sides of the ditch and return to the workforce.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anonymous, you fool, I do already. Every fortnight I give back part of the Aussie super.

Noel, pray tell what homework? There is only one conclusion = that the NZ gummint of one sort or another is clipping 57c per litre from your gas ticket.

nigel201065 said...

It gets even worse petrol was $1.37in Sydney only A$40 to fill rental car from 1/4 to full