Sunday, December 15, 2013

PDB, B=Brown, D=Down, P= you choose.

Polls, Pride, Probity, Personality, Promise, Pathetic, Position, Pallor, Pariah, Perjurious, Pestilent, Petulant, Pettifogger, Philanderer, Piety, Pimp, Plunge, Plummet, Puerile---------Pants?

Recent Local body elections revealed an army of candidates espousing platitudes that included:
Efficiency, Honesty, Listening, Building, Leading, Working, Morality, Transparency, Ethics, Compliance, Inclusiveness, Prudence----- all in various guises and levels of  commitment.
In Len Browns convoluted world of reality, none of those traits exist, he is above and beyond such trivialities.

It is being reported that the recently elected Super City Auckland Council will meet this week in the rather dominating shadow of the still emerging dodgy behaviour of their re-elected mayor.
With very few exceptions, all quite recent, in a situation that has been in the media for months, it is suggested some councillors have discovered their electorate is increasingly disillusioned, disappointed and for many just plain disgusted as the news has dribbled out around some spectacular  questionable activities being laid at the Mayor's door.

Bugger the polls is not a relevant response.
 Published public soundings have support for this cretin to remain in office under 30% and the closer to the city they are measured the worse the news gets.
Such residual "support" is predicated on the turnip on a manuka stick with a red rosette uninformed vote  of the population that knows no better. That level, currently around 45% ,leaves a significant number of even them who currently see Brown as dogtucker.

Yes I am a prude as regards things based on fidelity, probity, honesty, and trust so it is no mystery that in my opinion Len Brown is totally unfit to lead "our" largest city.
In a very big and at times preoccupied world, what happens in the City of Sails is the only glimpse many will ever have of New Zealand.
The recent Americas Cup, is just one fleeting opportunity where people looking for a destination or a place to do business may pass by in a chance encounter with our very well regarded country.
To have such a scumbag little creep as the center of the imagery, is an imeasurable disaster.
Sure what adults do in their private lives is their business and not for "news" but when Browns escapades include his well documented Manakau City indulgences, his now very public tomcat activities parallelling a wife fighting cancer, his clear lack of accountability around declarations required of everyone who works in and around local government, all accompanied by an extraordinary spend of public money as he attempts to obfuscate, avoid and deny any wrongdoing from a team of spin doctors and lawyers, in a still expanding glare of publicity, clearly his time is well and truly up.

Len Browns spurious claims that his private activities do not preclude him from delivering value to his City are not just laughable they are well beyond ludicrous.

Your worship;
Gather the very few shreds of humanity still available to you and for all that is worthy just walk away.
You have no legacy, no credibility, no validity, no trust and no residual dignity.
Auckland City, New Zealand and all the citizens deserve it.


PM of NZ said...

You have no legacy, no credibility, no validity, no trust and no residual dignity.

Well said, GD.

Paulus said...

An excellent summary of the situation.

Edward the Confessor said...

Yep, describes John Banks beautifully! Thanks old guy.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree Mr Gravedodger .John Banks is more saintly than Mother Teresa compared to pants down brown.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The face in that picture looks remarkably like that of one Rudolf Hess.

Len Brown, a room awaits you at Spandau Prison.

Watcher said...

He will probably be censured in regard to the "Code of Conduct" but he will continue to be the Mayor until the next election.

I very much doubt this result will do anything to drive overseas investment away.

The Veteran said...

Such is the Auickland Council with a number of the incumbents having been 'bought off' by the Mayor that I think Watcher has summed it up about right.