Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Nearly one month of domination and the Urn returns

After a bowling blitz that has England reeling and a batting lineup that has squeezed runs when needed has The Ashes return to our near neighbours.

The batting has often seen early wickets fall but always at least two put their hands up in every innings to get decent totals that had England looking for massive 4th innings totals at The Gabba then Adelaide and today at the WACA.
Failing on the three occasions leaving a total 749 run shortfall.

A massive difference has been catching Warner a screamer from Carberry, Harris  on the backward point boundary account for Cook, Johnson pulled in a high one from Bell, Haddon very solid behind the stumps and today Rogers a running catch at midoff all memorable and if they had been England attempts would not have happened.

NZ born Ben Stokes today hit the first 100 for England in the three games, next best Joe Root at Adelaide in a fighting rearguard with 87. That in the face of 7 centuries from Warner x 2, Watson, Smith, Haddon, Clarke x2.
Cook Pietersen and Bell have not fired, Carberry has promise but the Clarke gang have dominated Cooke's men who prevailed after winning 3 zip just a few months ago in England.

Productivity has been seriously disrupted so now we can concentrate on more mundane things such as getting ready for Xmas.


Curious George said...

Greetings, Gravedodger. I'm glad you enjoyed the cricket. Speaking of things English, I notice you are using Gerald Scarfe's cartoon from the BBC series "Yes, Minister" as your logo. I assume, being honest and honourable men who can't abide the likes of copyright-pirates such as Kim Dotcom, that you have Gerald Scarfe's permission to use his cartoon and you are regularly paying royalties.
If not, I think it would be an excellent example of the spirit of Christmas if you contacted the Gerald Scarfe web site: http://www.geraldscarfe.com and following Gerald Scarfe's lead offered to make a generous donation to the Bristol Children's Hospital (see here: www.geraldscarfe.com/2013/10/gerald-scarfes-gromit-raises-money-for-childrens-hospital).
Very best wishes,

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Curious George

This is not a commercial enterprise and accordingly receives no income.

Should you wish to contribute some dollars we will gladly pass themon to the particular children's hospital.

Curious George said...

The fact that No Minister is not a commercial enterprise is beside the point. You are using someone else's intellectual property without his permission, and without so much as an acknowledgement. This is either theft or bludging, and given your writers' disapproval of theft and bludging by certain sections of society, and copyright theft when Kim Dotcom does it, you should either pay up or take the logo off your site. As for your suggestion that I donate money to the children's hospital, as diversionary tactics go, that's pretty pathetic.