Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Maybe it was the wrong job?

An employee at Marks and Spencer refused to process a checkout sale when a customer presented alcohol for purchase.
Checkout chick claimed as a follower of Islam she could not scan it.

Apparently that is OK with M&S but there is a fair chance that the customer who had possibly waited for some time to be processed, may not have been so ambivalent.

Suppose for a moment the customer had been a lady of the night with significant makeup, a plunging neckline carrying a pig-skin handbag and wanting a champagne cocktail to celebrate a great nights work, getting to the till is a tad late to be assessing will I serve her or not.
Toss in a frozen Hawaiian Pizza,  a bag of bacon and chive crisps plus a pottle of pork liver pate and it soon gets a bit fraught.

Perhaps Aisha or whoever,  was not suited to be a checkout chick after all.


Paulus said...

Easy - no longer shop at M&S

gravedodger said...

I think the stupidity is more widespread than just M&S, another of the majors agreed that staff have the right to refuse service on belief grounds.

Psycho Milt said...

I guess it comes down to whether a company in the business of selling things is happy to employ salespeople who'll refuse to sell things. Apparently M&S is such a company - must be awesome to be so profitable you don't care if staff refuse to do their jobs, but that can't be a good long-term strategy. I wonder how far this indulgence goes - for instance, does it run to vegetarian checkout operators refusing to sell meat? EDL types refusing to serve women in burkas? The mind boggles.


M&S made a U-turn following threats of consumer boycotts.
Good to see the British people opposing such nonsense.
It is interesting to note M&S was founded by two Jewish guys!