Monday, December 2, 2013


and less of the whiney snivelling vegetarian dropkick giving you grief.

                                    Jonny and Alexandra Schwass

Jonny may not be a houshold name outside of Christchurch but he is in the rebuild city.

In February a restaurant on Ferry road was one of many ventures to end up in a pile of rubble leaving owner and chef Jonny Schwass no workplace from where to ply his wonderful trade.

This man does not give up easily, after a lifelong love affair creating delights for many wanting great food this cancer survivor opened his latest venture on the corner of Montreal and Salisbury streets in the CBD last August

A feature on Sundays has been a spit roast lunch and live music from 2pm through to 6pm.

Jonny, a multi award winning chef, possessing many talents and activities promoting his forte, has created multiple efforts to make progress through the devastation of the last three years, opening his latest, Harlequin House last August.

The sad little neighbour who has employed the city council to attempt to close down the restaurant using The smell of the roast lamb and noise control needs to be placed in stocks and pelted with food scraps from Jonny's kitchen.

As people like Jonny Schwass make attempts to get up and get going the last thing we need is another, "oppose everything" muppet such as Harlequin House's neighbour using stupid processes of the city council getting in the way.

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