Thursday, December 5, 2013

John Banks is guilty?

Don't bother with the court process, it is a waste of time.
He should resign his seat, John Key should end his fraudulent administration with no mandate to govern.

That Nice Mr Cunliffe made a wee mistake when he tweeted a direct order for Christchurch East voters to get down to the booth and vote early and often for potatos.
Steffan Browning gives a valid insight as to the depth of his understanding on safety of GM food, it wont require fencing.
Lianne Dalziel is still an independent Mayor working for all of the city.
David Hay is a non person in the history of the green melons party.
Gareth Hughes rides a bike to work and consults the electorate by way of skype, emails and conference calls.
Aussie wetbacks, well dressed fat chicks and duplitious socialists, aided and abetted by a well past prime multi party hack, racists and any other economic illiterates are the best way forward for governance of this green and pleasant land, East of the Tasman Sea.
Dairy Farming will bring about Rachel Carsons 'Silent Spring', what pesticides? cows are locusts c2013.  
The beach will never recover from the Rena grounding.
Oil exploration will bring the envionment to its knees.

Sadly half the sheeples think that is how it is while the other half are too busy paying for it all to voice an opinion.

Our soaring dollar is a complete mystery, world financial markets have it all wrong just ask a journalist.


Paulus said...

Whilst I do not like John Banks I cannot see that he can get a fair trial anywhere. He is so denigrated in the media by all and sundry that no jury could be impartial.

Watcher said...

He said he was leaving because he needed to use his time in his defence.
Most people go to work and leave that to a well paid lawyer.
Doesn't ring true to me.

Steffan Browning said...

Unfortunate misrepresentation there Gravedodger or was that Gravedigger?
I have a very clear understanding of the risks of GE food and also of GE in the natural environment and also the economic environment.
In terms of GE food for ingestion, the best fence is at the border stopping GE food imports. In keeping a GE free environment GE organisms should stay in the lab. In GE field trials GE organisms must be effectively contained, but ultimately such experiments need stopping.Allowing GE in the environment, fenced or unfenced is digging a grave for an economic advantage of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well said, Suffin Brownie. Yes, keep that damned GE food well and truly locked up or the staving millions might get to have a decent feed each day.

Then where would you Greenie pricks be?

Just like the Ayrabs without the Yids to blame for all their own corruption and other myriad deficiencies and failings.

Steffan Browning said...

Adolf, is it one third of current food production wasted or slightly less? That is a distribution and control issue not production. As for production, GE crops on average are yielding less than conventional while the large scale cropping is causing significant environmental and social harm. How do you think you will feed the world? A little less anti-greeny rhetoric and more substance please.