Sunday, December 29, 2013

Is Allistair OK

As the Ashes seems to be heading for 4  0, is the England Captain Allistair Cooke  in a similar space to that which claimed Jonathon Trott after The Gabba test.

Yesterday he played an almost faultless lone hand in Englands second innings collapse until the one ball that comes to undo the best intentions in all innings, cut him down at 51.
Apart from that little cameo his effort in leadership has been very suspect.
The others in his sad band, all of them,  seemed directionless and bereft of a tactical plan.

The last overs of Australia's first innings effort at the start of day three were a mish mash  arising out of committee meetings after nearly every ball, with Anderson, Pietersen and/or Bell.
Has the skipper lost his mojo.

England has held a winning hand through so much of this dead rubber match and at times in the earlier three losses, yet they always find a way to let them slip away.

Kevin Pietersen is existing largely in a different hemisphere, Bells dismissal was just so out of character, what the hell happened to Carberry with 12 from 81 balls in over two hours.
So much of what the TV reveals points to a rudderless ship heading for rocks and no one on the bridge.

Today at "the G", Clarkes warriors have a canter to victory in hand, will Cooke get his men to fight to the end or are they, and in particular the captain, mentally stuffed.

Update  with the Ockers holding it together with Chris 'Buck' Rogers getting a maiden test century on home soil and at his adopted home the MCG to cement a win to take the Ashes to four zip although the diehard Balmy Army claiming it is just 4/3 for 2013 with another chance at the SCG starting January 3rd to make it 4 all. they forget the 4/3 is 2013 and that cant change.

Absorbing cricket from a ruthless Australia and an almost schizophrenic England.


Anonymous said...

England, once a nation of shopkeepers has turned into a nation of bludgers. No surprise they are being thrashed by Australia

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Disastrous captaincy.

I've never seen such a bizarre field setting as that employed by the poms yesterday.

Tail enders batting and every bloody fieldsman was positioned no more than ten yards from the bounday. So, the Aussie tail enders simply knocked singles and twos all over the paddock.

Ian Chappell was struck speechless.

Tinman said...

The field set on the third morning was probably as much Flower as Cooke.

The Pom outfit has been on it's way down since struggling with NZ away last summer.

Cooke hasn't had a good series but with only Pieterson, Broad (ball only)and Stokes showing up to play he has had no help at all.

For mine, I hope this tour doesn't see him finished, he is a bloody good cricketer.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...



pdm said...

Tinman -has Pietersen turned up to play? He gives the definite impression to me of a player batting for himself and some of his dismissals have been from irresponsible shot selection.

I also get the impression that there are big divisions within the English team and wonder if Swann's departure is because of a possible South African/English rift.