Sunday, December 1, 2013


Then spare a thought for the new and still current leader of the Australian Labour Party, "Electricity" Bill Shorten.

Willie Shorten joined the ALP around the mid 1980s and soon after, attended a Young labour sponsored overnight 'camp' near Victorian second city Geelong.
Also at that two day camp was an as yet unnamed, young (16yo), female labour idealist.
Evidently Wee Willie took a shine to her and after she went to her room to retire thinking she had successfully ended his attentions for now, only to have him come to her room and it is alleged force her into a bath room and have sexual connection against her will.
Following the unreported rape and there were plenty of them in those days due to the great difficulty in getting any cop to take it seriously and the even greater chance of getting it to a court let alone facing the embarrassing and inevitable failure to convict.

Since Shortens victory over 'Albo' Albanese for the top ALP job following a very news saturated campaign similar to that of the three stooges here and Bill's profile as leader of the opposition, the woman, now living and working in the North Central Coast of NSW, is constantly being given vivid, in her face, regular reminders of that dreadful event some 27 years ago.

I have little understanding as to how the state and federal judiciaries handle such historic cases but with the seemingly increasing culpability being afforded to such travails for the Catholic Priesthood it seems a distinct possibility that with the police opening an investigation, Bill Shorten's hold on the long sought leadership of the ALP is at the very least under threat.
He is credited with knifing two sitting Prime ministers, being on the right side at elevation and re-elevation at least three times, added to his past in the Australian Union Movement that is riven with rumors and suggestions  his climb to power has been achieved over a good number of bodies, and all that against a rumored suggestion he is a recent father to a child with a labour staffer.
Of course such a back story is almost necessary for an aspiring Aussie socialist.
If this rape complainant adds yet another casualty, it will come as no surprise to many and it  suggests as the electorate becomes better informed, Wee Willie Shorten will not threaten the record of leaders of recently defeated Australian political parties never making "The Lodge"  a home.

Some will ask why is this of interest, simply put, it first hit the headlines over two weeks ago as an unnamed prominent ALP politician, when most in  Victorian Labor Knew it was Shorten and the Police had opened an investigation, he, Electric Bill was not named and  his name that was never judicially suppressed has become widely known, what passes for a MSM is virtually ignoring the whole matter.The main publicity is by way of the Blogs just as Cam Slater gave Oxygen to "pants down" Brown in spite of a concerted effort of NZ Media to ignore and gloss over it somthing that was so far from the truth for many of us living a life in a mode that viewed Brown as nothing less than a "Tom Cat" in the morals department.

As it has been here with the appalling allegations and proven sleazy and possibly corrupt behavior of that recently re-elected Mayor, because Shorten is a prominent socialist it is "nothing to see here move on", and that shallow, duplitious, inept response of the fourth estate just pisses me off.
The Aus MSM spent days and days running with a story about Tony Abbott punching a hole in a wall in his university days but of course that is oh so much worse than forcing sexual contact on a 16 yo girl.

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The Veteran said...

Shorten probably thinks he's untouchable ... after all, mummy-in-law is the GG.

Still, innocent until proven guilty and all of that.

Although the number of historical allegations involving senior ALP figures swirling around might suggest that Pary is rotten to the core witness ....

- Julia Gillard and her 'exit' from Slater & Gordon.

- Craig Thompson and the HSU

- Eddie Obied who seems to have rorted anybody and everybody.

- and now wee 'Willie' Shorten, possibly the Oz answer to Paddy 'Pantsdown' Ashdown.