Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cricket match-fixing "scandal" descending into a joke

The cricket match-fixing “accusations” are bizarre. 

No one has been charged with anything; all that is happening is an investigation. Yet the players have been named. 

Compare that to other criminal matters where people are charged, and convicted, but get name suppression which stays in place long after the event. The names of sexual predators are sometimes never revealed.  But three cricketers who have not been charged, nor convicted of anything, have their names muddied all across the world during an “investigation”. It’s all arse-about-face.

Then the Herald steps up to the plate with this photo of Chris Cairns, with the relevant caption under it:

Chris Cairns has been accused of match-fixing.

Even the very considered and temperate Keeping Stock chimed in with this on Facebook:
Now that we know who the dodgy ex-internationals are, let's focus on the current players heading towards a victory.
No one is "dodgy" (yet).  Cairns has said he hasn't even been spoken to.  There's, apparently, an "investigation".  No detail.  No evidence.  No charges.  No nothing!

But Granny decides Chris Cairns has been accused of match-fixing!

The more I read the MSM the more I realise a lot of them just make stuff up.  How on earth this got past the sub-editors is beyond me.  I put a comment on their website telling them they were defaming Cairns with that caption, and it was disgraceful.  

I wonder if they'll produce that comment. 


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

As I understand it there are no police involved. The 'investigation' is being carried out by Cricket's version of Fiftyseven Old Farts, the ICC.

They'd be better employed investigation why the Pomm can't play cricket.

(Johnston took 7 for 40 yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Cairns has a right royal chance at defamation with that statement and I hope he does.

The trouble with smears is that someone may believe them even if they are not true and the person being smeared may never know what damage has been inflicted on them.

It is a pertinent reminder to bloggers who write damaging pieces about people without getting both sides of the story. This happens on the right as well as the left.