Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Au Revoir Colin King MP

We go back to a time before this Golden moment.

First met Colin when as a very good shearer he shore a few hundred of my greasy old corriedales in what is now the Waipara Wine district c1974.
He was a very different guy then, intelligent, well read, and smart enough to recognise that being fit, logical and organised was better than the traditional, drinking cussing, inefficient unfit model that Godfry Bowen transformed, only he was 40 years younger.

Saw Colin win the Golden Shears title at Masterton from a right hand stand, that being a lefty, forced King to waltz each of his 20 sheep through 180 degrees to align it with the handpiece and  then maneuver the shorn animal to a porthole in the wrong position. He still won and then twice more after the dinosaurs that ran the show arranged for a designated "Lefty stand"

When he stood for the Kaikoura seat nearly nine years ago he reinforced my belief that National party candidates were grounded in life skills that gave an enormous advantage in their approach to the very limited power they have to make meaningful change.

An idiotic media gave an image to Colin King based on his self made success as a shearer who used that as a basis to make a success of his endeavours. A wrong political opponents perpetrated in the mistaken belief it was appropriate when it merely exposed the significant gap in their own CV, work in the real world.
Possibly one of the last NZ MPs to graduate from hard manual work to the legislature and we will all be the poorer for that.
As the late Ben Couch said "shearers are the last workers in this country to take a towel to work every day to mop up their sweat"

So commiserations Colin, your gracious good wishes to your successor are a measure of you.
Thankyou for your service, commitment and hard work for the right of politics in the 9 years service to Marlborough and the country.
Enjoy your retirement.

Regards Murray


Curious George said...

Good morning, Gravedodger. With all due respect, you need to read through your stuff before you post it. You wrote:
"First met Colin ...(around) 1974. He was a very different guy then, intelligent, well read, and smart ..."
So what is he now: dumb, illiterate, and slow-witted?

And once again I ask:
I notice you are using Gerald Scarfe's cartoon from the BBC series "Yes, Minister" as your logo.
I assume, being honest and honourable men who can't abide the likes of copyright pirates such as Kim Dotcom, that you have Gerald Scarfe's permission to use his cartoon and you are paying royalties.
If not, I would suggest you contact the Gerald Scarfe web site: and at the very least, follow Gerald Scarfe's lead and offer to make a generous donation to the Bristol Children's Hospital (see here:

Edward the Confessor said...

"So what is he now: dumb, illiterate, and slow-witted?"

Funny. I think what he actually meant was that King was very different to your average rural Nat, who is dumb, illiterate and slow-witted. This would explain is de-selection.

Anonymous said...

No, what explains his de selection is more likely the fact he fails to listen carefully to his electorate.
When we took our issues to him we may as well have been speaking to a brick wall.
joined the Labour party on the outcome of that meeting.