Saturday, December 7, 2013

And About Time

Yesterday, the CEO of Holden Australia told assembled assembly plant workers at Elizabeth "You'll be the first to know if we decide to close the plant."

Well they were, kinda sorta.  They read all about it in this morning's Australian newspaper.

The unions have only themselves and Rudd/Gillard to blame.  They have extorted cozy 'sweetheart' deals with Holden for years, in which Holden agreed to massive over award pay rates and profligate work practices, then ran off to the state and federal gummints to demand equally massive subsidies on threat of closure and job loss.

Abbott appears to have called their bluff  and he can thanks Rudd and Gillard's extraordinary spending over six years for giving him the political cover to stand firm.  "We haven't got the money.  Your mob has already spent it.

It appears Qantas also has been shown the door.


gravedodger said...

Latest song for Aussie Union meetings;

Im dreamin of a blight xmas.

So much of the much vaunted wage advantage for our couzins was all about a headlong plunge into an abyss, clutching fistfuls of dollars that were divorced from economic reality.
I feel great sympathy for Tony Abbott as his coalition tries to get to grips with the landmine embedded economic morass left by the bent redhead and the grandiose nacissist.

The remnant rump of the ALP is still clinging to the fairytale that they "managed" the economy through the GFC.

Ford, Holden, Quantas, who is next?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

SPC Ardmona