Sunday, November 10, 2013

"They're definitely watching you. This is really scary"

This is too funny.  Granny reports:

Police Commissioner Peter Marshall - whose department is under fire for its handling of the Roast Busters affair - today personally phoned a man who has been publicly criticising the police over the matter.

The man - who comments on Russell Brown's Public Address blogsite under the username Kracklite - has over the last week criticised the police as an "organised pack" of misogynists with a "very sick culture" who had destroyed the public's trust in them.
 Then, when the Commissioner phoned him:
"I hung up immediately when he identified himself," the man posted.

"Maybe he had naive honourable motives... but if that were the case, it's too little, too late. I find it personally disturbing that he can find out who I am and where I am. It's intimidating. They're definitely watching you. This is really scary."
The article continues:
However the spokeswoman said the call was not in response to comments made on Public Address.

Mr Marshall called the person because they had lodged a complaint via the police website on Thursday in relation to police behaviour at Police National Headquarters. The person had provided their full name, address and phone number, the spokeswoman said.
 No further comment needed.  Just so funny.


Jimmie Walker said...

He put the same comment on the strandard and I placed a comment refering to his tinfoil hat he was wearing.

When I read that he had supplied his contact details to the commissioner then I just shook my head.

And the moron was to cowardly to even talk to him - what a joke.


JC said...

I'm picking it was a setup, ie, make an official complaint assuming the police would have to keep *all* details confidential and then rabbit on at PA and the Standard.. then claim the Commissioner tracked him down.

There's shades of the Jessica Fuller benefits and Paula Bennett case here.. make claims/rants under the assumption that all your details are private and can't be used to expose you.


Ray said...

He had plenty to say at Public Address over the last few days(Police corruption), gets a chance to talk to the Commissioner runs and screams like a child

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

JC is on to it!