Thursday, November 7, 2013


Even that descriptive is inadequate.

The alleged exploits of a bunch of deviant predatory mongrels in West Auckland make for disturbing revelations.

However should we really be so surprised.

When equally deviant behavior of an elected mayor whose lack of morals, abuse of power and behavior that has led to dismissal (upheld by employment law) of others involved with Auckland CC, is dismissed as private matters by supporters, the media and publicly funded spin doctors and  is merely another indicator of how far we have lowered once  laudable standards of basic behavior.

There were apparently no connotations of rape where the Mayor's despicable nose thumbing of what many saw as his private unacceptable actions were concerned.

That said, the actions of the "roast busters" that some of the female "victims" are now saying was consensual and repeated, clearly crossed into depravity and seriously  illegal when the 13 yo claims she clearly said "no".
That she apparently left that statement of her wishes so late in the sequence is of little consequence now. If the published sordid details are correct then the rapid dismount of the central freak when his accomplice said the word Rape, indicates an awareness that what they were all perpetrating was very very wrong.

As a child, my earliest memories include a very strong sense of right and wrong.
Modesty, honesty, respect for others, respect for elders, courtesy, humility, generosity, tidiness, cleanliness and acceptance of authority were ingrained as foundation principles that guided me through life.
Don't get me wrong I was no goody two shoes and my introduction to the discipline of boarding school was accompanied by many visits to "the masters study" for corrective guidance and its associated pain.
At all times I knew exactly why it turned out that way but I like to think I was naughty, careless and often just delayed my departure a little too long but behavior such as we are led to believe went on in West Auckland was always beyond the pale and could not have occurred in my formative adolescent years.

I will incur the wrath of many when I state that the actions of the roast busters were not that bad when viewed within the parameters of the published facts of what is acceptable and seen alongside the destruction of standards of personal behavior, morals and the rights of the young that has been thrust upon them without any clear boundaries from parents, teachers and their peers.

I have dollars to bet that this is but one example of such behavior, that is only unique in that this time it is exposed to daylight.

The whole village owns this problem but sadly the scroats may well bear the repercussions alone and the real perpetrators will continue down their destructive path of liberal morals and behavior paterns, chosen willfully.


Suz said...

I'm more than a little confused by your post GD...why label them as "scroats", upper-case no less, then lament that they sadly, "may well bear the repercussions alone", and are merely themselves victims of a permissive society.

Surely you can't have it both ways, which is it?

PM of NZ said...

"deviant ... elected mayor ... lack of morals ... but one example of such behavior"

The 'destructive path of liberal morals and behavior patterns, chosen wilfully' will continue with illustrious leaders showing good examples such as our deviant NightMayor along with other upstanding legislators of recent times. Like Jones seemingly with a fetish for TV remotes and Benson-Pope reputedly perversely using tennis balls.

Not to mention others that think 'some growing up required' is the solution.

Liberal morals and behavior are not the solution.

Anonymous said...

Ther really is a slippery slope and golly, it's slippery!!

Who would have thunk it!!