Sunday, November 24, 2013


The faux outrage by the Indonesian Government that their electronic communications may have been  hacked by the Australians working out of their Djakarta embassy has been well and truly exposed as such by the comments of their former spy chief General Abdulah Hendropriyono saying attempts by intelligence agencies to monitor the phones of national leaders were "normal".

He went further, puncturing the claims by Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa that Indonesia would never tap the phones of Australian politicians, insisting it was a routine part of "black intelligence".

In an interview with Fairfax Media, Hendropriyono said of Australia's attempts to listen to the conversations of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the first lady and their confidants: ''For intelligence, it's normal.''  He argued that Indonesia not only had the capacity to tap the phones of Australians, but that intelligence agencies had a responsibility to do it to friend and foe alike.

He went on to say ''There is no permanent friend, or there is no permanent foe.   However, there is a permanent interest … our nation's interest … How can intelligence not spy [on] anybody? He must spy himself, spy his friends and spy his enemy. It's what he should do.''

And therein is the reality of the situation.    The days are long gone (and if truth was known, never were) when US Secretary of State could say that 'Gentlemen don't read other Gentlemen's mail'.

And if anyone believes that the massive dish arrays on the Russian, Chinese and US Embassys in Wellington are there solely to access multi-channel TV then they probably also believe those 'funny' windows in the SIS/GCSB building are to stop those working there from looking out.


gravedodger said...

Much of the fuel inflaming this attempted "necklacing of Abbot" is coming from Fairfax and the ABT (Australian Broadcasting Trough), both mightily pissed that the Coalition not only defeating their political darlings, are just not playing fair.
ie they are running the government for the people not the MSM who have become so adept at calling their socialist opinions as "news" resourced from regular handouts and Leaks.

Hence this total beatup that is predicated on events from the first KRudd administration and the fact they ignore the Elephant in the Embassy of Indonesia who although up to their shitty necks in the same dark arts, are never questioned about or even suggested to have done so.

It is more about who is setting the domestic aganda in Jakarta for the upcoming elections where Bambang wheelbarrow, a moderate military man is under serious threat from among others the freakin islamists.

How quickly the wet behind the ears forget Sukhano and the very real threats often with actions to Timor, PNG, Bouganville and Northern Australia.

Remind me again what the ethnicity and religion is overwhelmingly, of the Illegal Immigrants that the softcock media and the socialists prefer were called "Boat People", "Refugees" and "displaced Persons".
Absolutely amazing that such people supposedly bereft of money, hope and under threat have access to the significant funds, up to $15 000 US to purchase the one way ticket.

Anonymous said...

All it shows is the stupidity - bordering on treason - of the last 6 years of Australia's Labor government

Then Abbott, in government, is being too much of a gentleman, in keeping the convention that Australian foreign policy is mostly bipartisan.

He should have thrown Krudd & Gillard to the wolves - and apologised for Labor.

I mean, it's not as if ASIO would bother tapping Key's phone now is it?

Watcher said...

Gravedoger said
"illegal Immigrants".

When Labour came to office in 2007they dropped the Howard government’s description of asylum seekers who arrived by boat as ‘‘illegal maritime arrivals’’ to ‘‘irregular maritime arrivals’’.
This was done because it is not illegal under Australian domestic law or international law to claim asylum.

Now the new Minister has demanded a return to the former title and changing of "clients" at detention centres to "detainees" but with no change to Australia's immigration laws.

A toothless tiger action.

Anonymous said...

Veteran said
"And if anyone believes that the massive dish arrays on the Russian, Chinese and US Embassies in Wellington"

Don't stop there.

Prime Minister John Key tipped Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei as a potential partner in the Government's $1.5 billion ultra-fast broadband project as he pointed to joint ventures as the way forward for Chinese investment in this country.