Monday, November 11, 2013

Oh That They Be Forced To Walk In The Other's Shoes

Last night, 'Sunday' on TV One, addressed a Gordian Knot, one of many polarising intractable conundrums that modern medicine confronts, while disconnected politicians and the law, dance around on an increasingly crowded pinhead, claiming the problem and a fair, practical solution  cannot be advanced without their input.

Often right and wrong, as seen by those at the center, get drowned in the somewhat chaotic solutions, their involvement, training and observation logically leads to.
When those at the coalface come to a solution, as a result of their constantly confronting the central problem, collide with those claiming the moral high-ground, the scenario descends into insanity.
Yes the helpless and the handicapped need protections but the bloody minded claims of those opposing a rational, medically arrived at,  proven course of relief for an afflicted person, as last nights item revealed, it is just bollocks'.

Farmers and animal owners confront what some see as ethical problems all too often in everyday situations and the law regards their solving of them,  as necessary.  Any ignoring of apparent discomfort or suffering and failure to mitigate or end that suffering is deemed unacceptable and will incur judicial consequences.

For humans and in particular those charged with treatment of such suffering in their species, as presented on last nights program, the rules are very different.

Last night Miriama Kamo presented and Janet McIntyre reported the distressing situation of Eliza, 18 years old with a mental age around 4,  Eliza is severely intellectually handicapped.
Incontinent all her life and after the onset of puberty and menstruation, this young woman has now lost control of her bowel function.
A loving family of Mum, Dad, and two older brothers are all involved in the daily care of Eliza, but there is a complication with her monthly cycle in that the accompanying discharge is regarded by Eliza as bleeding, something she cannot abide or cope with, resulting in severe stress, upset  and self mutilation eventuates.
Medical opinion is clearly agreed that a hysterectomy, the removal of her uterus  will make her life less stressful and of a significantly higher quality.
Now such sterilization, to me, would in its self be a humane intervention for this young woman, as it would end the distressing one week in every four of her current existence that is so traumatic and distressing for her.
During her interviews McIntyre asked the child like young woman "would she like to have a baby". Would she have asked any other three/ four year old equally challenged toddler that question?

Enter the ivory tower advocates who have the luxury of discussing the "human rights', and the alleged "assault on Eliza's body", before returning to their well paid, comfortable and empowered position to pontificate on the legal niceties safely removed from the daily grind, Eliza's situation imposes on her family and herself.

Trish Grant, an IHC "advocate", probably does some great work on behalf of  the handicapped, wades in with her opinion that opposes and disregards long established opinions of the loving parents dealing with Eliza every day and the accompanying considered medical opinion that the radical sterilization would have on the overall benefit for the patient, her quality of life and dignity.
Graeme Inness of the Australian Human Rights Commission completely overlooks the human rights of Eliza's parents who make every decision for the helpless young woman they have dedicated their lives to, to make an informed decision on their daughter's behalf as it will infringe their childs human rights.  The poor girl cannot even clean her teeth, wears nappies every hour of every day, can barely feed herself, and has absolutely no cognitive function above that of a helpless infant, yet the "wally" requires her to make an informed decision on sterilization or it cannot happen.

A Professor of medicine, John Carter of Sydney has on previous occasions arranged for such young women to travel to New Zealand for the organ removal, a medically desirable treatment, as apparently it is less of a legally impeded treatment here. In Australia it requires a court ruling and the chance of that being favorable is around 1%.
Inness in his minuscule insulated safe world of right and wrong wants that travel, for medical relief  to be made  illegal for Australians. The guy is blind and that is sad for him but he seems deaf, and in possession of a Teliban trained mind to boot.
Proff Carter claimed he would lie down in front of 'buldozers' to prevent that  obstruction occurring but then he has an understanding of how Eliza's world actually works, day in day out whereas Ms Grant and Mr Inness have their moment in the limelight, make their idiotic pronouncements and head off home to their comfortable existence sans any of the drama that Eliza and her family live with every hour of every day.

The contrast between a Dr whose training, empathy and professional opinion with the straightened legalistic moralistic pinhead dancing could not be more stark.
Perhaps if Mr Inness and Ms Grant spent a month caring for Eliza their opinion may be modified but then again they would not have to face the 30 years it will involve the Parents along with the constant accompanying knowledge that should they become unable to cope, what would be the future for their clearly much loved daughter.


JC said...

When Inniss came on and before he spoke I exclaimed "Savonarola!".. and so it proved. He was trying to defend a policy that was positively medieval albeit a product of recent PC decades.


Anonymous said...

Those selfsame "ivory tower advocates" in all likelihood would have argued for the right to have Eliza aborted from her mother's womb on any pretext 18 years ago.


Edward the Confessor said...

Sorry guys, just for the record, should we be sterilising cripples or not? You seem to have very definite views on this issue, but it would be good to see exactly where you stand.

And commence with the weaseling....

gravedodger said...

You are a total nonce confuser, that post was all about medical opinions and treatment directly associated with medical needs being thwarted by polies and other agenda driven troughers interfering from their personal position directed by gross ignorance similar to the ignorance exhibited by your inane comment.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Get it right CD. He/she/it is nothing but a troll.

Edward the Confessor said...

"that post was all about medical opinions and treatment directly associated with medical needs being thwarted by polies and other agenda driven troughers interfering from their personal position directed by gross ignorance..."

Sorry, so that's a yes? Hard to tell.