Saturday, November 2, 2013


 Wouldn't he?

The NZLP are holding their annual conference at the Wigram Air Force Museum in SE Suburban Christchurch.

Now the irony of a party born of "conchie" socialist unionists imported from the old country and the new country, inhabited by people selected by the very best judges in that old country, desecrating  the hallowed halls of a military base.
A party that was instrumental in destroying any possibility that we could again field a credible military force when they abandoned the air wing, essential for close air support for ground troops.
A Party in government when its leader was the first in the world to join the conflict we know as WW2,  but when he needed the votes of all those conchies to introduce conscription  for expanding the regular forces had no problem apart from the well recorded "nonperson"  John A Lee whose biggest crime was to propose the Party cease covering up how debilitated and non functioning the terminally ill Micky Savage actually was.
A Party with such strong connections to the bunch of hippies who opposed the war in Viet Nam.

They now gather among the relics and memorabilia of  an iconic memorial of our military past.  

Is dripping irony, wetting, if it is they may well get bloody drowned, Kama where for art thou.

The main thought behind this post.
Lying Lennie the two minute noodle is foundation stock of the current NZLP even though that damaged brand was deemed too hot to utilise in the recent local body poll signage
He is a  Rock Star in fact.
The best man to lead Auckland Super City (his words), has just won a resounding victory in the Mayoral contest.
This same man is so intent on keeping a low profile currently, he would jump at a chance to bask in glory anywhere but his home town so he is definately available.

Why oh Why is he not the keynote speaker. He's a winner, secure, and the future.

At the very least in the considered opinion of The Herald, TvNZ News. Tv3 news and current affairs, Faifax Media, and of course The Standard, in fact anywhere apart from Whale Oil Beef Hooked, the Peoples Lover is the man of the moment.

Those of us, a significant number of NZ citizens who think the unscrupulous little poser is only a toxic poisonous little nobody,  wont be within a calf's croak of the wankfest, so that wonderful inspirational Public Relations opportunity should have occurred to someone in Timmy Barnett's ring of confidence, surely.

At least Len's relations pass muster in the eyes of the Red Team, apparently.


Edward the Confessor said...

You're in such a flap today old guy. Such seething and irrational hatred vomiting forth in a stream of unconsciousness. I mean, while it's funny, I'm worried about you. Do you need to take a valium?

LLn said...

Edward, you should be the one who is worried. Your obvious lack of any sense and morality is very notable. Brown is scum, Silent T is a nobody with yesterdays ideas which have not worked in the past and will never work, yet you and your brainwashed socialist followers cant see past this. Why dont you wake up and smell the roses. Socialism does not work nor will it ever work. Everyone is basically born equal however those who work hard and actually make an effort will get a better outcome with their lives and no matter how much social engineering you try and to this will never change. You only have to look at what happens in nature. The strongest will always survive.

Edward the Confessor said...

"Everyone is basically born equal..."

A further example, if any were needed, about just how divorced from reality the far right is. The child of Bill Gates and the child from Somalia are basically starting with an equal chance. This is the founding premise for your political beliefs. No wonder your views are so weird.

Allan said...

Dont be so stupid Edward. I meant here in NZ and a good percentage of the Western world. Everyone has an equal chance. Those that dont take the opportunity should only expect basic welfare, not an equal standard of living to those who actually work, pay taxes and strive to better themselves. My belief is equal opportunity not equal outcome. You Socialists believe in equal outcome regardless of the input of the individual. Now that is a weird, sick attitude and one that does not and never will work.

Edward the Confessor said...

Allan, your attempt to narrow what you meant makes you no less divorced from reality. You're saying the children of Remuera millionaires are afforded no advantages from their birth than those born to someone on the breadline in Cannon's Creek. Again if that's the founding premise for your political beliefs it's little wonder they're warped.

"My belief is equal opportunity not equal outcome."

No it isn't. If it were you would support policies which promote it. Your belief is in maintaining your privilege and ensuring no one gets your goodies.

"Socialists believe in equal outcome regardless of the input of the individual."

Nice simple strawman, weirdo. Think that if it comforts you. Clown.

Allan said...

Edward, I have noticed when you start to lose an argument you resort to abuse. Once again this has occurred and you have resorted to actions which are typical of those on the left, ie personal abuse. You only have to look at the vitriol of Cunnliffe's speech to see where you are coming from and where you belong.

Anonymous said...

Don't try to engage the liberals in rational discourse Allan. It just confuses them and then they get mad. Ridicule, humour, sharpening your wit against them works best. It's a well known fact that liberalism is a mental illness.

Having the Paul Simon's song 'Still Crazy after all these Years' lyrics in the background of your mind as you read their comments is good. That's what I do.

Mrs Danvers

Psycho Milt said...

Edward, I have noticed when you start to lose an argument you resort to abuse.

Actually, his comments here show abuse is more of a constant than a last resort. That said, he wasn't losing the argument - your premise that "everyone is basically born equal" is demonstrably wrong and his comments have demonstrated it.

Edward the Confessor said...

"Don't try to engage the liberals in rational discourse Allan."

Nice one Danvers. Any attempts you've made to sharpen your wit clearly failed. Since when is asserting that everyone is born with equal opportunity rational? And talking of abuse, Al me old hypocrite:

"Your obvious lack of any sense and morality is very notable."

"brainwashed socialist"

"stupid Edward"

"weird, sick attitude"

You can dish it out (poorly), but go crying to mama when it comes back at you.

gravedodger said...

Confuser, the poor little Somali child is condemned by failing socialist, communist and environmentalist inspired do-gooders.

Pouring money and good intentions into his little shithole will do nothing to make him more equal in opportunity, in fact it will make things worse.
Send aid it makes the powerful more powerful, send food and they flock to wherever that food can be accessed, (if it ever gets there, more than likely it will be redirected to the benefit of the local warlord or aid distributer).

Oh and btw if the fucking green ijits would abandon the totally failed push to bio fuel there would be considerable more grain for those you care so much about.

But no point in attempting to discus anything with you, you just drew the short straw to infest places like us and Keeping stock this weekend, so back to your wankfest and give standing ovations to those who would steal my hard earned money to perpetrate their miserable socialist existence.

They dont give a shit for your poor little Somali child either.
We in the west and yes we are fortunate, very fortunate, however the only thing that will lift places like Somalia out of its wretched existance is knowledge.
Any thing else will just make the hole bigger.

Edward the Confessor said...

"Confuser, the poor little Somali child is condemned by failing socialist, communist and environmentalist inspired do-gooders."

Poor GD, you've really gone full retard. Evidence for your bold assertion that the only thing holding Somalia back from having prosperity and equality of opportunity is foreign aid and the Greens? Bush sure did cock up early biofuel policy, but last time I looked he was one of yours.