Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Misleading, Fibbing or is it plain unadulterated LYING.

During the recent local body elections, Ms Lianne Dalziel came to Akaroa with other candidates for a public meet the candidates meeting at the hostelry of my good mate and proprietor of the Tree Fellers Arms, otherwise known as The Grand Hotel.

It was Friday Happy Hour and after mine host Eric's customary greeting, hello pensioner, and my usual quart bottle of Coopers Green he introduced me to the now mayor of the Village of the Dammed.
An act that would normally have involved an exchange of pleasantries, some non confrontational polite conversation and move on, but things followed a somewhat different track on that occasion.

I spent a comfortable 15/20 minutes traversing many local issues,  among which, in answer to my expressed distaste for national political party involvement in local body politics, I received a quite definite statement that Ms Dalziel was not now Labour but in her desire to be the mayor of the whole city and its citizens, she would be an "independent".
I not surprisingly, challenged that and suggested over a quarter of a century around and mainly at the center of The NZLP, the notion was fanciful to me, and I included the fact I was involved with this blog as a admission,  if not a warning.
No, she was adamant, that was not the situation at all, she was now an independent, so although no supportive vote eventuated, I considered she may well have "moved on".
 Winston Churchill's words came to me as I went off to enjoy my beer, "If you are not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you are not a conservative at forty you have no brain."
Maybe she meant it, I generously thought but to say I was sceptical was pretty  much my considered position.

Some early moves in  office, including her refusal to accept a credit card and a review of the cards handed to around a fifth of the workforce, gave hope she might just have told me the truth, she was indeed a changed person.
Then doubt crept in with the co-opting of ex mayor, Ms Vicky Buck as Deputy Mayor,  now, in a move posted on, by keeping stock, forget independent, Churchill's insightful words, and protestations of independence.
Ms Dalziel has given not just an endorsement of the NZLP candidate for her old Chch East seat, but has provided it on a flyer with a NZLP letterhead resplendent with the new mayor,s photo.

In your humble opinion Your Worship, did you mislead me, did you tell me fibbs or did you just plain old fashioned "lie" to me. You are and will always be tribal labour, independent my arse.

Your documented track record that includes your troubles in keeping your seat at the Cabinet Table indicate the "leopard has not changed its spots", leads me to conclude alas it is option three.


Edward the Confessor said...

Suck it up, loser. The far-right should have put up a candidate capable of winning votes. You couldn't and now you're bitter and hysterical. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

What a lot of old cobblers that post is, Gravedigger. Still, you are consistent as it's in tune with the others you post...utter drivel.

The Veteran said...

Gueez GD ... you appear to have hit some nerves there.

But lets give her the benefit of the doubt and agree she just 'misspoke'.

Anonymous said...

Ed the Con smells of the same toxin as Judge H.

Paulus said...

What really did you expect !