Sunday, November 17, 2013

It is Not Skycity's Fault.

Neil Reid has a sob story at Stuff.

Last year 49 children under age 14  were left unattended in cars in the Casino Carpark.
Up from 42 in 2011.

How many others were in pub , supermarket or tinny house carparks.

Does the Casino forcibly escort patrons from their cars into the den, compelling them to leave their much loved and treasured children unattended in the vehicle.
Or do these ignorant ferals just abandon their spawn behind the tinted,  and sometimes curtained windows of people movers and indulge themselves, all the while assuming if they are discovered it will be the fault of the evil bastards stealing  the poor peoples money at the tables.

What an interesting exercise for cyfs, welfare  and the police to combine their resources and identify the useless mongrels who abandon their spawn to any number of fates, but that would be creating victims wouldn't it. Skycity have already been adjudged guilty of that so why bother.

 Random question, must people using the Skycity carpark attend the Casino or could they park there while they attend Church,  just wondering.


Paulus said...

I thought that the Sky City Casino has staff going around the car parks - did when I was last there - for a rotten dinner.

Noel said...

Paulus said
"I thought that the Sky City Casino has staff going around the car parks"

Correct...identified by the reported numbers.

"The numbers are revealed in the company's Host Responsibility report to the Gambling Commission, outlining operations at the casino for the 12 months to December 31."1