Thursday, November 28, 2013


Nearly a month ago on a rare, I mean rare visit to Campbell Live, well swmbo had the remote I have since had Skymultiroom installed, to  quite by chance catch the appalling ambush interview of recently vanquished ACC mayoral candidate John Pallino by a screeching harridan named Rebecca Wright. IT was so appalling in my opinion I was moved to make a complaint to TV3's parent body Media Works.

At that time I and many others were hoping against hope that someone, anyone in the media might apply a blowtorch to the creepy, dysfunctional, philandering husband of a woman recently battling cancer, exposed for a salacious, secret two year affair with a wannabe community board aspirant and appointed to an ethnic affairs committee of the Auckland  Council under circumstances that were decidedly dodgy.

But no as Media works finally reported back to me at close of play last night at the 20day limit no less, Wright was only following the necessary method to interview Pallino who was the only story to be investigated. Since Pallino had rightfully imo refused an interview, the carpark ambush was the only option.
No response on my complaint as to the shrieking, the repetitious and badgering shallow attempt or the fact that the real story was Brown who has finally by throwing his staff under a bus, sort of admitted Brown went to hongKong last January.

Media works response was of absolutely no surprise and I havn't got the time or the energy to take it to the BCA.
So I will close with a quote from Brian Edwards via Twitter; "interviewing" John Pallino, Campbell live's Rebecca Wright confuses harassment and bullying with journalism.

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bruno32 said...

Brian Edwards is a lefty but he is also very smart. The marijuana conviction and his defence was very interesting and probably not many folks can remember that far back. I respect his opinion on any media issues and he hit the nail fair and square on the head with how those dodgy priks at TV 3 have been carrying on. The massacre of any credibility that John Campbell thought he ever had by John Key will be core subject matter at Journo school for the next 50 years.