Thursday, November 14, 2013

How To De-fang the ABC or TVNZ

The ABC soaked up $1.2 billion of tax payer dollars last year and used most of it to shill for Labour and the Greens.  Not surprising then that there are calls from many quarters for the gummint to cut funding for this next of vipers.  The leftist bias in ABC current affairs programmes and news broadcasts is palpable.

Adolf listens to only one radio station - ABC Clssic FM - where a superb programme of classical music and commentary on same emanates.  I would happily pay thirty or forty bucks per month to subscribe to to this station so here is my challenge to Prime Minister Abbot.

Cut their funding by at least 50% and invite them to have listeners subscribe to their programmes.  If the lefties want a constant diet of anti gummnt current affairs programmes,let them pay for the privilege.

I would happily accept corporate sponsorship of ABC programmes.  There must be good revenue waiting to be picked up.

Same goes for TVNZ and Radion NZ


Anonymous said...

Howard tried to take on the ABC - it fought back and came out of it worse than ever. Savings from "integrating" radio & tv & stores just made it a more brutal ideological advocate for socialism.

Sell of the ABC shops as a going concern, yeah let Classic FM go subscription I guess, but the ideological core - ABC TV, Radio National / National Radio needs to be closed down in one fell swoop.

No quarter and no compromise with communists!

Edward the Confessor said...

Yep, coz' for the far right ignorance is strength. This would be great. The tories could get on with the job of enriching themselves free of any fear of being held accountable. That's what freedom is people!

Anonymous said...

Can I suggest a whip-round so we can jettison Ed the Con posthaste to his Communist nirvarna country of choice.

Once he's got permission from the Government there (dicey) he can report back to us, the delights of living in a non-free country as he stands in line for his monthly allowance of toilet paper.

Money well spent I think.

Mrs Danvers

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I'll pay that one.

Edward the Confessor said...

Danvers, bless her, seems to think the mere existence of a public broadcaster to ensure a degree of government accountability is in fact KOMMUNIST. She obviously went to some odd private girls' school before marrying old man Danvers in suspicious circumstances. She now goes all wobbly at the knees when Ted Cruz comes on the tele.

Anonymous said...

Tony Abbott (bless him) is devoting his energy to stopping the boats & axing the carbon tax. Once these tasks have been accomplished the other stuff can begin.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. Ed the Con aka Toxic Ted has stirred from his slumber to snarl at the world again.


Edward the Confessor said...

"Tony Abbott (bless him) is devoting his energy to stopping the boats..."

He's doing a piss poor job so far. The best he's managed is to stop telling the public about what's going on. Not quite the same innit?

Anonymous said...

the mere existence of a public broadcaster... is in fact KOMMUNIST

that's because mere existence of a public broadcaster is, in fact, COMMUNIST

I can't help if if she went to a state (i.e COMMUNIST) school where she didn't learn to spell

Psycho Milt said...

I can't help if if she went to a state (i.e COMMUNIST) school where she didn't learn to spell

So, what school did you go to where you didn't learn what 'communist' means? If it was a private school, prospective customers may want to know so they can avoid having their kids turned into ignorant nut-jobs.

Watcher said...

"He's doing a piss poor job so far. The best he's managed is to stop telling the public about what's going on. Not quite the same innit?"

Factually there are always less boats during the wet.
Those coming through at the moment are on the circular round about of Christmas Island, supposedly people swapped in Indonesia but in reality they are the same people.

So the carbon tax has gone. So what Aust has signed the Kyoto and will just have to replace it with another form of emissions reduction.
Most probably an ETS where there wont be any offset, as occurred with the carbon tax to the average digger.

Oh shit looks like nothings changed with the boats and people are worse off the carbon tax replacement.

Gee Abbot's great/

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Watcher. Please don't come here with such fantasy.

Watcher said...

"Please don't come here with such fantasy."

Oh so Aussies going to be covered in wind farms? Get real.

Edward the Confessor said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Time for a long holiday, Eddie the Con

Noel said...

Appears to be business as usual

"Three asylum boats arrived in Australia in past week

November 17, 2013

General Campbell says three asylum seeker boats arrived in Australia in the past week, carrying a total of 163 asylum seekers and eight crew.

Two boats arrived at Christmas Island, one on Sunday and one on Monday.

General Campbell also confirmed a boat arrived in Darwin on Monday.

Mr Morrison refused to answer questions in Parliament this week about the boat that arrived in Darwin, saying he did not want to “undermine” the operation.

General Campbell says 97 people were transferred offshore in the past week, 67 to Manus Island and 30 to Nauru"