Friday, November 8, 2013


From today's Australian, the only paper to  which I subscribe ($2.95/week)

IN diplomatic circles, actions speak louder than words.

And there is an unambiguous message in Australia's decision not to send a minister or senior government figure to next week's UN climate change conference in Poland.That message is compounded by the fact that, when the decisions are being taken in Poland, federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt will be at home pushing through legislation to scrap Australia's carbon tax.  For the past two years, the carbon tax has been one of few bright spots in diplomatic efforts to cobble together an international agreement to cut global carbon emissions. In terms of conference outcomes, Australia's lack of ministerial attendance is symbolic rather than practical.Nothing much is expected to happen in Poland and Australia's absence will make little difference, but it answers the question that has been asked in international circles about where the Abbott government stands on climate change. Under the Coalition, Australia has no intention of even pretending to lead the world.


Shane Ponting said...


But also (sad) because we have yet to purge the climate change "science" from our own legislation.

Noel said...

Shane. We don't have a carbon tax.
The Aussie carbon tax was a cost directly placed on polluters.
What we have is an Emissions Trading Scheme.
That originally was perceived as a way for polluters to offset their emissions by carbon sinks without loss of jobs etc. But over the passage of time its become watered down and is only applicable to major polluters, who simply pass on the cost to Joe Kiwi consumer whilst middle size and small industries don't have to register.
That's what Abbott will have to introduce for Aussie to meet it's obligations. Watch this space.