Sunday, November 24, 2013

Here Is The Job For Dime.

Dime is a regular at Farrar's place with a declared proclivity for patronising houses of relief and relaxation.

The SMH reports a seriously significant rort with state run Medibank Private, funding "remedial massages" at knock shops.

Perhaps there are openings here for those who wish to get their rocks off in such circumstances, to do undercover work for the provider.

Hey is this the job that might get that ghastly bastard in the Mayoral chains, 'pants down' Brown to do what most of us would like him to do, as a next career step after resignation.
Probably wont pay $400k but at least he could rejoin the real world and even gain a bit of respect.
Afterall it would be a bastard of a job but needs doing, eh.

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