Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Good News Just Keeps Coming.

Once upon a time there was a wicked step mother, well not a mother and very much out of step, who described some who should have been  her natural allies, as "haters and wreckers".

Now is that the label, society should apply to the coalition from hell as they continue to denigrate NZ Inc?

Months ago Shearer (a previous temporary leader), Norman, Peters and Harawira set out, using copious quantities of our money, to "discover" how the Manufacturing sector was being systematically destroyed by National and her political support parties.

Assisted by a few Sycophants including the CEO of Hamilton Jet as chairman, they came to a conclusion that the high value of the NZ Dollar was causing stress in export manufacturers ability to compete in world markets and the Government should intervene to lower it. Surprise surprise who would have thought that.

Since the tax gobbling inquiry commenced to discover a basic fact of economic life, for themselves, something  patently obvious to most thinking citizens, every indicator of business health and strength has without exception suggested they were flogging a very dead horse.
Sure some manufacturing closures have occurred and the Tiwai Point smelter nearly joined those that time and world trade indicated  were finished.
The smelter was different in that as a world class producer of Aluminium and its present challenges were cyclical rather than systemic, the Government intervened to keep it going through the downturn in world  prices.

Did the economic failures applaud, the hell they did, that intervention was wrong as well.
The reality is they are just a reincarnation of the excesses of Robert David Muldoon.
They can stop the tides of world trade by standing and calling it to stop causing problems.

Never mind, the report will join other misspent taxpayer money in file 13,  the manufacturing sector along with all other wealth creating business in NZ Inc will continue for the next year at least, to grow our economy to levels that are the envy of almost every other developed country.
The idiots will continue to tilt at windmills, assisted by an equally idiotic and shallow MSM to try and present a picture of doom and gloom that just doesn't exist.

Tell me, who are the real haters and wreckers in 2013, it is not, the now in government Maori Party, or the major party in the current coalition of growth, but it actually is the now temporary leader of the NZLP, The Immaculately attired vertically (among other traits) challenged member for St Marys Bay, The ginga wetback from Queensland and the ball and chain for the Far North.

They are singularly and collectively the current Haters and Wreckers.
As a clear example, the share price of the generators, Contact sold 100%, MRP and Meridian Partially sold, are somewhat depressed in the face of the very real threat of intervention by a coalition from hell if they should reach the levers of power, yet a further sale of Shares in Air NZ possibly a very volatile class of share for any portfolio, have sold well in advance of what some predicted,  now only falling 2 cents in early resumed trading, this morning following the unloading of 20% of the 73% holding of the state.

The problem now for the government is to overcome all the misplaced negativity of the H&W mob and promote what investors and wealth creators already know and understand, to economically unaware Joe and Josephine Public.

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