Friday, November 1, 2013


Well maybe the hammers would be smarter.

Struggling Labour Leader, (currently) David Cunliffe, in a recent interview dropped his trou I mean guard, reverting to his default nasty, when in answer to a  question related to the government's partial sale of shares in some state owned companies, started his smarmy cheapshot reply with
"John Key would sell his Mother".

A few background facts:

Ruth Key, widowed  before John's 10th birthday.
Ruth died in 2001.
Ruth Key was Jewish and lived in Austria at the time of Anschluss and escaped before the Holocaust would have slaughtered the entire family.
Ruth Key gave her children standards, encouragement, education, and drive that the many consigned to the scrapheap by Labour and their insane policies, are seriously bereft of.

If John Key had become a Labour politician, as many of the rabid right claim he should have, he would be a posterboy to match the real Micheal Joseph Savage.
John Key, however, is so much better than anything Labour dreams up, he believes in education, hard work, listening, taking difficult decisions, allowing people to succeed by their own efforts, make good decisions for them selves, take personal responsibility, delegate, suffer for stupid or inadequate performance and many more personal traits and ambitions that Labour does all in its power to prevent as JK represents the sort of electoral problems such actions lead to outcomes that create problems for Labour in 2013.

So Mr Cunliffe in the spirit of first Know your enemy, you have not just committed a stupid personal attack that will fail miserably, you have consigned so much of what your party founders lauded, encouraged and shared as most of them had travelled half way round the world to gain a right to work, vote, create families, provide for them and see their children succeed beyond what they only dreamed about, to the shredder

Your politics of envy, denigration, taxing the workers to sustain the feckless, and opportunism denied and thwarted as you attempt to be all things to everyone, are doomed to fail.

Go and have a drink with your equally damaged mate, the temporary mayor of your home town, you both have so much to learn about those you hope to govern.

Then again keep up what you do best, it is working,  for me anyway.


ZenTiger said...

Yes, a nasty and stereotypical reaction that suggests an incapacity to see another point of view.

I hope the level of debate improves as we get closer to an election. Then again, I occasionally hope for world peace. Not sure which is the more futile thought.

Anonymous said...

Hear hear! The default position of Labour is invariably an ad-hominem attack on those who exhibit morality, enterprise and fair-play.


Psycho Milt said...

Before you get all dewy-eyed about the PM, allow me to point out he's a successful currency trader. Which means he has the moral scruples of a stoat, otherwise he'd be an unsuccessful currency trader. In fact, given his involvement in creating mayhem for his own country's currency, it would be fair enough to assume his moral scruples would shame a stoat.

Anonymous said...

Psycho's first two sentences are a non-sequitur of gigantic proportions.


The Veteran said...

John Key has no reason to apologise for being a successful currency trader and more than David Cunliffe has to for showing absolute 'loyalty' to his predecessor.

But John Key never attacked Cunliffe's mother (I'm assuming he had one) and that's the nub of the issue.

There are some things that are off-limits in politics but Cunliffe is too far up himself to figure what's right and what's wrong.

gravedodger said...

I wonder if you, Milt, and your equally dewey-eyed supporters of The Red team will ever acknowledge Key might have talents other than those that secured his success in Currency trading.
He ended his career in the real world, prior to Politics, at Merryll Lynch including a stint on the foreign currency committee at the New York Reserve Bank.
He was mainly involved by then in management, policy formation and other activities in oversight of much more than currency trading.

Calling Key a "dealer" is just a shallow denigration of the man.

John Key does not do what I want done very often but the man has talents way beyond anything the NZLP has on offer and now they are nailing their colors to the natural cycle of political life in our ridiculous three year term parliaments, as a means to displacing the National Party from the treasury benches, is telling.

I am not dewy-eyed but the current management of NZ Inc when compared to most of the rest of the world dealing with location, climate, reliance on primary industry and vulnerability to currency volatility is sufficient evidence for me he is the best on offer and surprisingly a significant number of my fellow New Zealanders seem of a similar opinion.

Edward the Confessor said...

Poor Cadwallader struggles manfully with Latin terms, and loses.

Taking the use of a common metaphor as a personal attack on Key's mother is a bit desperate isn't it fellas? What are you all scared of?

"Calling Key a "dealer" is just a shallow denigration of the man."

But that's exactly how he made his millions. Why are you ashamed of that?

gravedodger said...

Scared, dream on muppet, you live in hope(less)

I guess in your book Confuser, Henry Ford was a car salesman.

Ashamed, I dont think so.

Proud that a fellow New Zealander made such a success of his life, at least thrice so far, dam right.

You got one thing close to correct though, you supercillious jerk, what Silent "t" said was common, dead common, along with purile, inane, slimey, disgusting, negative, smarmy, unforgivable and probably summed the chap up to a

Edward the Confessor said...

Man you're a wee bit hysterical. Have a cup of tea and a lie down before you blow something.

"I guess in your book Confuser, Henry Ford was a car salesman."

You're saying that John Key is the Henry Ford of currency dealing? Wow, man-crush much?

The Veteran said...

EtC ... errrrrrr no, by my reading GD is arguing that the silent (t) is an unctuous toe-rag.

Appears pretty apt to me.

Edward the Confessor said...

No, Vet, he's not arguing anything, he's just calling people names. It's what you guys do when you've run out of ideas (ie all the time).

Barry said...

The worst thing about Key is his ugly racial discrimination in favour of part-maoris (eg "treaty settlements" [all fraudulent] and discriminating laws and policies). He is destroying NZ with this ugly garbage.

Psycho Milt said...

I wonder if you, Milt, and your equally dewey-eyed supporters of The Red team will ever acknowledge Key might have talents other than those that secured his success in Currency trading.

I acknowledge he has a talent for being a politician as well as a currency trader - but that's not exactly a big step up in the moral rectitude stakes...

But John Key never attacked Cunliffe's mother (I'm assuming he had one) and that's the nub of the issue.

Can't say I've noticed Cunliffe attacking Key's mother either, so the issue seems non-existent.

...what Silent "t" said was common, dead common, along with purile, inane, slimey, disgusting, negative, smarmy, unforgivable and probably summed the chap up to a

I guess he's not the kind of classy and sophisticated gentleman who wifebeater Vietchy would feel comfortable asking which celebs he'd like to fuck, but what the hell, nobody's perfect.

ZenTiger said...

Rest assured Milt, I'm not at all dewy eyed about Key, and don't intend on voting for the National Party at this stage.

The only reason I voted National in 2008 was to get rid of Labour. Cunliffe's current strategy (and recent policies) is reminding me why, as much as National disappoints me, Labour manages to always look a little worse.

Psycho Milt said...

I agree it's still hard to find a party you don't have to hold your nose to vote for. Still can't see me voting Labour, because it's still full of people who'd love to tell you what you're allowed to eat, how much you're allowed to drink and how you're allowed to raise your kids. Does the Conservative Party look like a prospect from your point of view? They seem well named from a social policy perspective, but not so much when it comes to economic policy.

ZenTiger said...

Hi Milt. The Conservative Party is a prospect, in that none of the other parties particularly appeal, but there are many signs that the newness of the party, it's political immaturity and the reliance on a single leader indicates I should not be too optimistic.

They need to develop a cohesive manifesto backed by strong and clear principles, and act with a lot more political savvy than they have produced or demonstrated to date. To my mind, off all the parties in NZ, the Greens probably come out tops on that score (their organization and experience - not my preference for voting for them). A true Conservative party with a social conscience seems to be some time away.

Psycho Milt said...

Yes, I agree with that assessment (not that I'd consider voting for them). These days every election seems to be a matter of figuring out which party is least un-appealling - maybe I'm just less naive these days.

Morrissey Breen said...

Cunliffe did not attack John Key's mother. He attacked Key's lack of ethics---"he'd sell his own mother" means Key has few scruples. Given this prime minister's record of deceitful comments---"I can't remember if I supported apartheid football; John Stephenson sent me texts at two in the morning; ...I can't remember anything..."--- that is hardly an unfair or inaccurate observation.

More interestingly, however, you write: "Ruth Key gave her children standards." That is not at all evident, judging by the track record of her son.

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