Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cunliffe vows to support Labour Man Ban...

Seriously though we will now potentially have "KiwiBuild" rammed down our throats.

If Labour's answer to life, the universe and everything is to simply add "Kiwi" in front of a problem, then that just shows us what a shallow pool of talent they really operate under.

There are a huge number of factors which go into the affordability of housing.

It is very easy to pluck the word "affordable" out of the nearest orifice and sound like you know it all. They get away with it because I have yet to see a journalist actually ask them the hard questions or a proper analysis of costs.

As long as we have politicians and media only looking at the bits that buys them votes or sells advertising space then it is mostly waffle.

The cost of building is not rocket science but can be confusing as all interested parties put their own spin on the processes.

When actual building cost are fully researched and disclosed in a logical manner then people can decide for themselves the affordablity of the process. A good starting point is that the biggest margin in the whole process goes as GST to pay for the comfort zones of social engineering idiots like the one pictured above.

Until then, slogans like "Kiwibuild" are just empty politics.

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