Sunday, November 3, 2013


I have always thought of David Cunliffe as a Muppet, albeit an intelligent Muppet (after all, he went to university - always assuming he didn't 'doctor' that part of his c.v. as well) but his speech to that slightly dishevelled gathering of true believers calls this premise into question.

Now I accept that among the faithful it is a given that John Key eats babies.   I also acknowledge their belief that as a member of the chosen race exposed in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion he was personally responsible for the GFC (ignoring that fact that it was Labour who failed to legislate against cowboys in the finance industry and allowed banks to lend up to 110% of valuation against little or zip equity). 

But for Cunliffe to devote a major part of his speech to the unwashed to attacking John Key for  supposedly breaking a convention that prohibits invitations being extended to members of the Royal family to visit during an election year beggars belief.  

Point 1 - I'm not aware of any announcement regarding such a visit.  

Point 2 - my understanding is that the convention only applies to the period of the election campaign.
It does not apply to the remainder of the year.

Point 3 - the Queen came here in 2002.   Someone will correct me if I am wrong but wasn't that an election year and wasn't Labour in power then and wasn't Cunliffe a member of that government?

So there it is.  Cant and hubris rules ok; smoke where there is no fire.  But why Cunliffe should squander valuable media time to expose himself to ridicule has me beat.   If this is the best he can do the faithful will be shaking their heads in disbelief.   Perhaps Edward the Confessor can come up with a rational answer for his bizarre behaviour - but I doubt it.   Rational and EtC is an oxymoron.


alwyn said...

Can you point me to the place in his speech where he is supposed to have referred to this supposed convention?
I have read the speech notes, published on The Standard and listened to the video at the point where he talks about John Key planning such a visit but in neither the notes or in that place in the speech did he refer to this convention. It might have been somewhere else in the speech but I didn't hear it in the part I watched.

Davy Smate said...

Cunliffe - A flush busted.

Hez a flush busted cuzzie livz ina flush arse inurnbay