Sunday, November 10, 2013


Clearly it has been a 'weak' from hell for David Cunliffe highlighted by his inability to even get the basics right. 

One would have thought even a modicum of research would have shown that Kiwibank was already offering insurance cover via its relationship with Tower.   But no, he ploughed on with his announcement of the establishment of KiwiAssure only to have it panned by all and sundry including an embarrassing performance in the House when he had to be rescued from himself by Grant Robertson.

Am I the only one to think that Cunliffe was set up for the fall by the ABC faction flexing its muscle?

And now the announcement that he won't appear on the farming show because 'he might not get a fair go'.    Yeh Gods.    Love her or hate her, Helen Elizabeth Clark was a regular guest on the show during her time as Prime Minister.    She fronted whereas David, by his own admission, hasn't got the 'balls' to.   Is he so lacking in self-confidence that he can't take the risk of having his opinion tested in a show hardly renowned for asking the really tough questions?   

Instead he abrogates the slot to the Green Taliban in a move hardly designed to reassure voters as to who will be wearing the pants in a Labour/Green coalition government should the electorate be stupid enough to elect them in 2017.

By that time I suspect the ABC faction will have sorted Cunliffe out.


Judge Holden said...

Why would he waste his time going on a radio show that has a sum total of 20 red neck listeners including their dogs? A good move.

It's interesting that you're so obsessed with Cunliffe. You talk about him constantly. Scared much?

The Veteran said...

Gueez Holden ... to answer your question with a question ... if that were the reality why did the not so sorely missed H1 'man' up to the programme then?

Can't have it both ways old son.

BTW ... your prejudice against the major wealth creators of this country of ours is showing.

BTW2 ... not 'obsessed' with the silent T. Just fascinated that a once major Party could elect such a self-important and self-possessed toe-rag as their leader against the wishes of their caucus who see the Emperor without his clothes each and every day and have concluded it's not a pretty sight.

Judge Holden said...

"...if that were the reality why did the not so sorely missed H1 'man' up to the programme then?"

It's so sweet that you still think she's infallible, Vet.

"your prejudice against the major wealth creators of this country of ours is showing."

Well, they make plenty of wealth for themselves and don't pay a cent for the damage they cause. That's charged to the rest of us (along with the cost of their self-enriching irrigation schemes). It's lucky they have people like you ready and willing to bend over for them though. Been swimming in the Whanganui River yet?

The Veteran said...

Gueez Holden ... after that little tirade can I urge you to seek professional help in getting your meds right.

I mean that hate for farmers who pay the taxes that fund your dole payments can't be good for the soul.

And you wonder why rural NZL LOL at the Labour Party and their wacky coalition partner with loopy policies like cull every fourth cow.

Judge Holden said...

So that's a no then?

The Veteran said...

Holden .... s l o w learner.

But don't feel bad about it.

It goes with your territory.

Judge Holden said...

Hey, if you're ashamed at the state your farmer chums have left the waterways in just say so. If not, get those water wings on and head out for a dip.

The Veteran said...

Holden luvs Cunliffe and doesn't luv farmers. Not exactly news.

What is news is that Cunliffe doesn't have the balls to man up in a forum where his views might be tested.

What is news is that Cunliffe comes up with dopey schemes that result in him having to be bailed out by his caucus colleagues.

Meanwhile in Holden's breast the politics of hate (or is it envy)are alive and well.

Gueez Man ... Massey's Cossacks were 100 years ago. Get over it much in the same way I can get over the actions of those who protested against the Vietnam war by sending fake telegrams to NOK claiming soldier x had been KIA.

Psycho Milt said...

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It looks like Cunliffe has noticed the success of John Key's approach to media interviews - which is, avoid them unless they're being carried out by admirers who'll stick to questions like which celebs you think are hot.

Judge Holden said...

Why is it hateful to point out that your farmer mates have so polluted the waterways that you won't even don water-wings and go swimming in them to prove how clean they are, Vet? Keep smearing, buddy, it shows you've lost.

Ted Forde said...

Cunliffe is better off not going on the programme. Farming is a difficult area to negotiate if you do not know what you are talking about. Farmers have long memories and would quote Cunliffe's gaffe ad infinitum. Cunliffe is better to accept the raspberries now than put the huge gap in his knowledge on public display. He is making enough gaffes in areas he is familiar with already.