Saturday, November 2, 2013


That was the quaint way of assessing if other subscribers were using the "party line" telephone we had as children in the mid 20th century.
Our 27 line with w, m, s, r, k, and d as morse code id for each subscriber for incoming calls, the only notice that a call was ended being a half turn of the handle, easily missed leading to the polite "are you working".
It also served as an introduction to that mainstay of communications of the time when the Telegraph was king, dots and dashes, or as we knew them 'shorts' and 'longs'

I digress, On Thursday last I was sufficiently incensed by the disgusting shrieking banshee who ambushed John Pallino in a carpark as yet another chapter in  the ongoing political attack aimed at everyone but Lying Len the two minute noodle, to make a formal  complaint to Media Works, the company that runs the attack miniature poodle Johnnie Camp Bell.

Might have been a busy day for the Complaints Committee who pledge to respond next working day as I am not yet in receipt of anything by way of an answer other than the putor generated acknowledgment of lodgement that bounced from my sent email.

Just finding the complaint form on the websites of MW and the minions took some time.

Will update as to the response if it ever arrives, I suspect then it will go on to the Broadcasting standards.

In the meantime Media Works, "are you working"?

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