Monday, November 25, 2013

AGW, Climate Change, Whatever?

Ele @ Homepaddock does a "this day in history" that is a tremendous resource for entertainment and research.
Sure makes for something to entertain moi when Insomnia is visiting.

One of her entries this day, records the Great Storm that struck the UK November 1703,with a death toll of somewhere around 10 000 possibly as high as 15 000.

Many ships were sunk or blown to many parts of the North Sea.

Thousands of chimneys, roofs and structures were demolished.

Barometric pressures went down to around 950 mb, winds gusting over 200 kph, serious flooding from heavy rain, some 4000 oak trees destroyed in the New Forest, sort of "end of the world" stuff really.

Now this was at the onset of the industrial revolution with coal, steam, manufacturing, urbanisation all signaling  the end of the rural based economy of the UK.
Just consider what the numpty Greens and their equally economically challenged socialist cheer leaders would be claiming as the clean up from that weather bomb was under way?

Obvious that burning all that coal would not only lead to Peak coal but the resulting CO2 would destroy the whole planet. Too bad that for most of the peasants their known world only extended to the next village.
How many Coal fires would an Al Gore need to keep hiself warm, how many horses to pull his carriage to London, how many carriages to transport protesting peasants to a proposed new coal mine to save the planet, how big a pile of horse shit every day.

Pretty much a similar pile of shit  we saw last weekend when swimmers, beach goers and picnickers were added up to gain the "thousands of protesters" opposing Andarko and The Noble Bob Douglas off Raglan.

We are doomed, doomed I tell yea.


Paulus said...

This was about the same time as the River Thames froze over.

Edward the Confessor said...

Oh well that proves global warming is a crock of shit, Paulus, you genius. Go ask your Mum why you might not have a point.

Anonymous said...

Paulus, I've warned you before not to talk to that vulgar boy Edward.


Older Chas said...

And what about the unholy mess the green hypocrites left at Whatipu Beach? (See today's Herald)