Wednesday, November 27, 2013


or a sad attempt to reach a headline in the Horrid?

Newstalk ZB are suggesting failed Epsom Candidate for the Green party is challenging Wed Wussel Norman for the position of 'male co-leader'.

An indication of disunity or as I suspect todays attempt at getting in the media.

Cunliffe by way of flip flops, pinhead dancing, appeals to audiences with tailored speaches, seems to have eclipsed the Melons rising star but it is hard to see that an apparently straight, white almost normal male will have the x factor for the challenge to succeed.

Then again with the polls going nowhere for the coalition from hell and against a backdrop of Shane Jones playing a lone hand over drilling off Raglan, perhaps there is a fire under the whisps of smoke?

 Could we get lucky?
Is he gathering up a few posessions to head back from whence he came?

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