Thursday, October 10, 2013

Why Churches Should Stick To Saving Souls

Have you ever noticed how churchmen have a habit of ignoring their core business in order to dabble in socialist politics or playtime 'business ventures' with no personal 'hurt money' involved?

Here's an absolute ripper.  They didn't have enough brans to call a halt when they found their developer was dodgy so they lent him $8mil of church money.  That is, funds delivered to the central office by hard working parishioners through annual levies or 'assessments.'

Some stand out moments:

February 2007

– WRMC approached BOMAR with a revised cost projection. The capital cost estimate had tripled, from $9.6m to $30.7m, and this resulted in an increase in the anticipated peak loan required from $14m to $32.3m. BOMAR approved an increased loan with various conditions.
October 2008 – prior to the signing of the Agreement to Lease and Contract of Sale of the land, the Developer was granted access to the site to commence civil works.

Can't you just hear the train wreck coming?
This is what happens when churches are highjacked by socialist political activists masquerading as Christians.

By the way, the Uniting Church is an amalgam of the Presbyterian, Congregational and Methodist churches.



Grant McKenna said...

I have a theory that any organisation that relies on money being donated by the public comes to see that money as being theirs by right, and therefore becomes socialist.

Edward the Confessor said...

Yeah, all charities are commie! Why can't they be rugged individualists like Grant? And what's with them giving their money to poor people and shit? Pfffft.

Grant McKenna said...

The administrative costs of most churches absorb far more of their income than they pass on to the poor. The less effective they are, the more they demand state support.

There is a difference between socialism and communism which is relevant here, which is that communism seeks complete state control- and so doesn't permit churches to exist. Socialism simply seeks to direct the 'independent' groups.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


These days the prime job of the churches is NOT to look after the poor. It was, a century ago but is no longer, now that Western gummints have taken it upon themselves to redistribute everybody's income. These days, Church members pay for most charity through their taxes, although most churches do quite a bit directly where they see holes in the gummint welfare programme. One such with which I was involved was the provision of interst free unsecurd loans to low income WORKING families for key money to get into a state house. WINZ would give the world to a bene but would not help out a hard working low paid family. .

The churches' prime task is to spread the gospel good news to all the heathen bastards who live in the suburbs.