Friday, October 18, 2013

Who sent the text?

Granny, the newspaper that makes up its own news, is asking who might have written *that* text.

I'm no phonetic or linguistic (or text substitute) expert, but I do know this.

The person who wrote this obviously knew that Chuang wanted a career in public office.  In other words, there is some probability that Chinese Whispers (pun intended) were spoken about that.

And, the last two words are interesting also.  To me, they portray an element of a personal touch.  If it was a Headhunter or other such scrote sending threatening texts, the words "human decency" wouldn't enter the vocabulary.  No, that is personal wording from someone who is appealing to her as a person, and so it is someone that knows her as a person, or thinks he/she does.

The suspect list is shortening, IMHO.



Anonymous said...

...and so it is someone that knows her as a person, or thinks he/she does.

Or the author wants the text to look like it came from someone who knows her.

Nick K said...

Yep, that's possible too.

Bogusnews said...

Do we know when the text was sent? Obviously if it was before the big news splash it must have been someone who knew about the affair and been very close to Brown.

Anonymous said...

What would be interesting would be to find out from Vodafone where the prepay phone (assuming it was) was purchased. A viewing of CCTV footage would show who had purchased it and (presumably) who sent the text message.

Couldn't happen without a court order but gotta wonder if there is a whistle blower vodafone employee out there who might be prepared to look it up.....?


Anonymous said...

Yes, its down to about 100,000 people now, inspector gadget is onto it.