Monday, October 28, 2013


No, not the late great Bob, memorialised with a grandstand at The Basin Reserve, nor his son Robert, an opener for Wellington and New Zealand but  the one who opened recently, using her feminine charms only to have Dunny LBW over the GCSB Bill, one Andrea Vance.

An opinion piece on her view of John Key batting in the middle order, first Nick Smith and Bronwyn Pullar then Banksie and his messy Mayoral donations from 4 years ago and lastly her probably not best mate anymore, the very adaptable Peter Dunne, all  being insufficiently disciplined by Key and in her ever so humble opinion, stood down and dismissed from the tour, to destroy the governments ability to govern.

Nary a balancing comment on the preceding innings that saw a succession of very dubious umpiring decisions; the many bizarre decisions of the square leg umpire Wilson, Field able to continue at long on and in the gully, Benson Pope allowed to perform his legendry magic with the ball, Dalziel and her mate from Christchurch, Dyson, recalled to bat after  their no ball overstepping, ball tampering and off field alcohol problems or the magnificent 158 not out from the grumpy old keeper from the Muldoon years, now playing for, or was that in, St Marys Bay.

On a day David Cunliffe would prefer didn't happen, as he sits padded up waiting for a turn at bat, good old Andrea comes up with a forcast that she would like to think ends Nationals innings and gives the talentless unloved leader "silent T" a chance to shine in a second innings. He has a record for being run out without facing a ball on earlier occasions.

The forcast from the wet service, Fairfax media poll, says it may be a washout.
Will the the selectors choose a new Captain.
Meanwhile the red team is down to play a friendly in Christchurch next week but the buildup suffered a disruption a week out with most of his team suffering minor injuries to their pride and hopes that sees all but the very brittle and predictable Greens probably unable to bat  bowl or field.
Still a few well able to carry the drinks but they will be need to be watched closely, another duck in Hutt South not showing much form at present and a versitile, able to bat with either hand in Wellington Central, legendry rugby player and now fan, still has captaincy desires.
The best opener in his team who shares a name with the greatest "leggie" ever in the game,  is languishing in the  middle order and if he gets a start may run out of partners before he can make a difference.

Meanwhile the Key team is approaching 2000,  wickets in hand, with only Worth out LBW, Lockwood Smith retired unhurt, Wilkinson and Heatley back in club games.

Nice one Andrea but on a sticky wicket, Nats look solid at present and with a lead like that Key could still probably bat the labouring melon team out of the game.

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JC said...

Meanwhile some thirty tortured metaphors had to retire from play in great pain and mental anguish :)