Thursday, October 24, 2013


Rough justice for rustlers!!

The greatest strength in that, was it prevented repeat offending.

A Taranaki Farmer who should be referred to as a Land Occupier as IMHO, as a farmer he aint, was convicted of cattle theft and fined $1250 for stealing $12500 of livestock in the form of  9 heifers.
The neighbour who suffered the loss was short 12 animals.

Animals are very hard to identify as the normal methods of Tagging in the ear and the now largely discredited Earmarks, where bits of the ear are removed in a symmetrical pattern that used to be "registered" with the State can become blurred and inadequate when the stock are merged in another herd except for those with a nouse for such visible traits.
The old saying that all niggers, spics,  whiteys and slants look the same is easily disproved, even socalled Identical Twins eventually become very distinguishable to those close to them.

Many of those charged with investigating such alleged thefts are almost totally ignorant of the nuances that a real farmer sees in any stock when viewed alongside those from a neighbours flock/herd.

We once lost around 50 rising one year sheep in earlier times and found around a dozen of them, resplendent in new eartags in a slag neighbour's paddock,  on our boundary.
Police were called and a substantial case was made in support of our claim to ownership, by swmbo and self:
They were a composite breed made up of 25% Romney, 25% Finn and 50% Polled Dorset, that emerged from a very large experimental move inspired by swmbo to significantly raise production stats, very successful if I say so my self.
The 50 retained for further experimenting to improve foot health and durability, were selected from the two thousand odd that were Terminal, ie destined for slaughter, not for breeding.
What we saw as the clincher in ownership, was a tiny v mark added at selection in the very tip of the right ear that was almost invisible but easily detected by feeling.

The disputed sheep had been "overmarked", an illegal procedure involving obliteration of an existing mark with a larger one and 'Tagged' the modern replacement 'id' system that has now been extended to include barcodes and chips to trace animals from birth to slaughter. An extension in technology that might have assisted us in our claim.

The open and shut case was taken nowhere by detectives who had absolutely no understanding of the presented evidence as to breed traits and obvious genetic markers, the minimark in the end of the ear, the clumsy move to obliterate our unique registered earmark and the clearly very recent addition of tags.
The main reason for not prosecuting was a failure to establish any "INTENT".
The adjoining owner and thief, was a well connected lady, of "independent means" and the person charged with shepherding her stock, a failed motor mechanic and as thick as a short length of 4 x 2, presented as sufficiently vague, sad and incompetent as to engender a sympathetic treatment from the detectives.
The fact that the remainder of the total number missing may have been elsewhere on her properties or more likely sold to slaughter was not even investigated.

The cunning fat slag got off scotfree and we were compelled to return OUR 12 sheep to her property.

Opposition to capital punishment is a central plank in my belief system but thoughts of her swinging at the end of a rope secured to the large bluegum in her sheep yards had a resonance for me.

The 10% penalty as a proportion of the value of the stolen stock in the Naki is somewhat pathetic as it will not be a one off, such scumbags are serial in these matters but naming and shaming will be an additional "ID"  that will follow James Graeme Langton for all time.

Despicable thieving c#*t.

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