Saturday, October 5, 2013


When you go to another country and infringe THEIR laws and end up in the Pokey it's not much use bleating about it.    Doesn't matter if it's urinating in lifts in Singapore, being caught with illicit drugs in Kuala Lumpur, consuming alcohol in the open in Jeddah or attempting to board a  a Russian oil rig ...  you do the crime, expect to do the time.

Greenpeace is happy to milk this latest escapade for all its worth in making their point.  I suspect, for the individuals involved, they will emerge a couple of years hence with a thorough understanding of the Russian penal system ... the good, the bad and the ugly (and not too much of the good either).

I just hope they went into this with their eyes open.   If not, they are in for an almighty shock because there is very little influence that New Zealand (or any Government) can expect to exert on the Russian judicial system which will take its course.

The reality is that Greenpeace is happy to use them as martyr pawns in trying to achieve their political goals.    'Green' activists (terrorists) yes, charity ... definitely not.


Paulus said...

Greenpeace do not care about the people charged - they only want the world wide publicity.
Neither do they care about the boat - they have huge resources to by another one as more and more mugs donate to this political party.
This will allow them to whinge and moan against Russia so increasing donations.
Personally I hope they get 10 years
and the boat is confiscated and sunk.
One thing in Russia 10 years means 10 years, and in very unpleasant circumstances.

Judge Holden said...

"Greenpeace do not care about the people charged..."

Whereas. you're compassionate and reasonable:

"Personally I hope they get 10 years..."

Do you get your Mum to type your comments for you before she takes you to the playground, Paulus? Please note, I'm not asserting that you're a child.

Anonymous said...

Paulus is not a child!

Tinman said...

Personally I hope these pirates get treated as such.

Paulus, I hope they don't sink the boat, simply confiscate it, reflag it and use it to deliver men and supplies to the oil platforms.

Judge Holden said...

"Paulus is not a child!"

And yet his mother takes him to the playground.

"Paulus, I hope they don't sink the boat, simply confiscate it, reflag it and use it to deliver men and supplies to the oil platforms."

Yes, coz how dare anyone ever protest in order to protect something as inconsequential as the environment! Go Russia, defending freedom and democracy with brute force and vicious oppression. They're the true right wingers of our age, which is why you tossers all love them all of a sudden.

The Veteran said...

Holden ... of course you can protest against supposed damage to the environment should you wish to but equally, you need to accept the likely consequences (in any jurisdiction) if you run foul of the authorities in doing so.

In this case I suspect Greenpeace is more than happy to see 'their' people hung out dry in order to milk the resultant publicity for all it's worth. Just hope those involved went into it with their eyes open.

My understanding is that the emphasis in the Russian penal system is on the word 'penal'.