Friday, October 18, 2013

"Partnership" schools in action

Here's one the British government prepared earlier.

What caused the problem?

...the Ofsted report ... shows that teachers were appointed without proper qualifications and that the school was not properly overseen.

What a clusterfuck.  Good job no New Zealand government would fund some oddball group to run a school with unqualified teachers and no oversight, eh?


PM of NZ said...

Come on Milt, I noted that the opposition, whilst looking for traction via a bad apple or two, the opposition says "we will keep the good free schools when we get into government".

So free schools do appear to be working for the good of their charges, but never let that get in the way of your ideology.

Got any leaked reports to help your beloved Nats on what those "good" free schools are doing right?

Paranormal said...

It will come back to what it has always been - Parents having a choice and holding schools to account.

Psycho Milt said...

PM of NZ: yes, they'll keep the good ones - just too bad about all the kids in the not-good ones that were a predictable result of funding schools with unqualified teachers and minimal oversight.

Paranormal: if those are what it's about, the idea is even dumber than it looks. Parents already have a choice (perhaps you were confusing us with the USA?), and state schools are already accountable to parents via boards of trustees. Charter schools will actually offer greatly reduced means for parents to hold the school to account.

Brick said...

Once again Milt, the cloth cap has fallen over your eyes, just open your mind a little and try to see both sides of the road.

Paranormal said...

With school zoning quite often parents don't have a choice.

Have a look at the Whangarei example Banks used. If only it was an isolated case.

My own extended family have been stuck in a similar situation where the choice you suggest they had was removed by the education professionals you support. They had to move homes to obtain the schooling their child needed.

I have recently become aware of yet another case where so called professional teachers are ignoring specialist reports (from a public agency the parents had to pay for because of no help from the school) about the teaching this ADHD student needs. They instead are suggesting he's just a naughty boy.

Partnership schools are way overdue.

Mark said...

PM they hold the schools to account by removing their child from that nasty Charter School. That's what I'd do. It's not that bloody hard. And seriously? You think accountability comes via BoTs? The amount of politics in BoTs would make your eyes water.

Mark said...

And PM you think a radical Muslim school like Al-Madinah is going to be popping up in Northland and the North Shore. Hate to get all Islamophobic on you but linking to to a Muslim school write up in the Guardian is relevant to us how ....?

Mark said...

Aw shit - and "PM" is Milt not the first poster dagnamit

Mark said...

And (yes four in a row) this registered teacher did well eh?