Wednesday, October 2, 2013


If you want to contact me by phone feel free to do so with one proviso.

Please make sure there is a person on the end of the phone when I answer. I know you can do it because it has happened on various occasions in the past. Although the people who call are what I call `faceless' we can almost always get the business done in short order to everyones satisfaction.

Do not and I repeat do not use the following method which happened yesterday on my mobile.

1.   Phone rings so I answer.
2.   Canned message says - press any number.and please note this is not a marketing call.
3.   Having pressed a number canned voice says if you are pdm (obviously they had my name) press one - if you are not pdm press (I think) 5.
4.   I pressed one and got another canned message along the lines of - we now have to ask you a series of questions to establish your identity - at which stage I disconnected the call.

Westpac if a human being had called me we probably could have concluded whatever business by the time I disconnected my call and that included ensuring I was the correct person. I am not going to and never will, take the call to it's fruition if you do not have the courtesy to show me some respect by having a person phone me.

I mean if your staff consider it that important that we need to speak then lets do so - I do not have the time to shag around with your robots.

Am I being churlish or is this a problem that pisses others off as well?


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It's time to change your bank.

Next thing you know they'll have ladies with little woggy accents telling you there's something wrong with your computer.

pdm said...

Changing banks is something I am giving thought to Adolf.

Anonymous said...

ANZ are doing similar stuff.

Even more pathetic is that although they know you work, and run a business or whatever you do they insist on behaving like the uneducated and phoning you at home during work hours and leaving a message to phone them back. A message that you get about 7- 8 pm at night.
Despite having told them many times, use the work number, the thick shits continue.

I blame the education system.

pdm said...

anon - I had a feeling it would be the same with all banks and know what you mean.

Please do me a favour though and use a nom de plume when commenting on my posts.

Shane Ponting said...

If my banks tried that on me I'd have switched within 24 hours.

pdm said...

WNUK - I struggle to see the relevance of this to the post. I suggest you run your commercials elsewhere in future.

Shane Ponting said...

It's a bot, you ban it and carry on. Report it to the host of this blog also.

pdm said...

Thanks Shane. I will settle for just deleting it.

BTW - I am a simple man so what is a bot? A form of trolling I assume.

pdm said...

Don't worry Shane - ggogled it so now understand.

FijiDave said...

In Fiji, large businesses and government entities have the endearing habit of calling, and the instant you answer, you get hit by canned music. 3 nano seconds later I would hang up, only for the phone to go again and the same process would repeat itself, sometimes two or three time. Eventually, the person who had been instructed to ring me, would have the nous to ask if I would hold for her boss. Only then would I grudgingly accept, but if she didn't put me straight through, I'd hang up again.

The Fiji experience has proved handy when some Indian accented dick-head calls to say that he can see what is on my switched-off computer. He always hangs up without another word after he's heard a few choice words from the gutter in Hindi.


pdm said...

I lived in Suva myself Dave from 1974 - 1977. I never mastered Hindi other than Namaste and being able to count to 5 but I do remember some Fijiian swear words.

Anonymous said...
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pdm said...

anon - we need a nom de plume and your comment adds nothing to this thread.

Anonymous said...
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pdm said...

Gone again anon.